A thread about rain and no other things


What’s rain?


It’s what Port Fairy used to get two days out of three every summer.


Ask someone in Townsville. They know ALL about it.


It’s a good point you make. At my work these days, people dead set gather around the windows to watch when it’s raining. “Water is falling OUT OF THE SKY everyone!”


I remember doing that at work once but then it’s not often you get to see blokes cruising down Chapel St on surfboards.


Well it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday but I’ll believe it when I see it.


We’ve got 30-60% probability each day for the next 5 days, but nothing more than 3mm.


1.8m rain in 7 days I read, which I’m assuming is near Townsville.

That’s mental!


Hooray, we got 40 mills last night, and this morning, it is that humid its disgusting.

Our back lawn was mown on Monday morning the grass has grown over two inches. Seriously.


Yep. Had their annual rainfall in the space of 5-7 days.


When it’s an electrical storm like last Tuesday I always go on the verandah and have a look.



Meh, not much coming.


just starting to drizzle.

bet it psses down when I collect kids.


come at me rain.


Nothing here yet, but it has been micturating down in Warrnambool. Rain band was heading south from Hamilton, not east from Mount Gambier…although lighter rain is heading from there.

A bit humid at the moment, which is unusual.


Been thunder and rain here for the last 20 minutes or so. Humid as all fark.


Come on dammit! Progress is slow.


In the city. Fark me it’s so humid. I can’t remember a more humid summer in Melbourne ever

Rain makes things less humid, right…


In the summer.
In the city.