A thread about rain and no other things



Nearly here.


Where’s that? Werribee river? I’m in Laverton right now and it’s getting darker.


Nah Geelong. Barwon river…or more like Barwon ditch along here.


On the radar it looks like most of it will miss central and eastern Melbourne


I assume we’re not allowed to talk about hail in here? Or insane winds blowing it horizontally?

Sideways hail into large windows is a bit scary.


… hmmm I’ll allow it


Thanks. This may surprise you but my hypothetical example above is actually not hypothetical.

Thornbury. Plus thunder.


I can verify this. As I was out the back have to get the chilli and capsicum plants under cover.


Got the post-dinner evening walk in just before it started to rain.


We got a whole 0.4mm


The heavy stuff is about to fall. Looks like the wind is a northerly. Massive thunder just then, now sits really tipping down…


Zero so far out east. You all lie


You pluviophiles are hard to please.


20mm in about 10mins in the North. Hail too.


The petrichor is here in the south east now


So are rain lovers, though, … they’re no different.


Gotta love a good Thunderhead.


Had a good light show from it. The “kids” even jumped a few times from the thunder.


Feel free to pass on my number.