A thread about rain and no other things


I think I’ll pass too if you don’t mind.


None out berwick way so far. I need this, my tanks are lower than gil ■■■■.


Its got a certain wetness about it today. And gravity.
I’m not travelling the 3 hrs to the NW coast today. The roads are sht, the traffic sux in Burnie and it’s not possible to see at some stages.
If anyone else would like to know about how else my day unfolds, please email me on [email protected]$hit. com.tas.


we copped a decent downpour last night, hail the size of marbles in Pascoe Vale.

enough to dent the family SUV’s bonnet


Got absolute fark all out east. And yet it was still humid as fark this morning. I blame the BOM


Where I am (east) we had crazy wind for 10 minutes, then 5 or so minutes of reasonably heavy rain across two spells with the odd bit of sheet lightning. Nothing exciting. At least I didn’t have to hose the garden for once…




You’re obviously in one of those alcohol banned burbs in the east. Should blame Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.


Coburg was the epicenter of the storm, so that was fun.


I think that was abolished years ago? Restaurants around our place that used to be dry are now wet.



Google says dry areas still exists but you can get a liquor license by a Liquor licence poll, i.e. approved by the residents of the adjacent neighbourhoods.


That’s fancy pants east! I don’t have fancy pants east kinda money


How far east are you? Hoddles Creek?


Thanks for making me google that!

No no not that far. Anything beyond the split in the train line is a bit sketchy I reckon…


They certainly do exist. And yes you can get a liquor licence after a poll, but most of those polls fail.


Which split?




Ah, ok.
So where’s that, Ringwood?


As soon as I got home, power went out. Then had to duck out and the level crossings were all down as well, was a nightmare.