A thread about rain and no other things


I think the trams also stopped along with the Upfield line. Glad I didn’t have to leave the house!


Guess who got stuck at the Zoo :frowning:


Oh dear, but not a bad place to get stuck.


It is at 8pm when it’s pouring with rain :stuck_out_tongue:


Are the rotunda still there? I have sheltered in them once with 100s of my closet Melb neighbours. Not so squeezy.


That must have been hard for you to bear


yes, but this was after the run, so we were all outside!



Sydney storms bring 50mm of rain in 30 minutes

By Bellinda Kontominas

47 minutes ago


Lightning and dark clouds|700x467 Photo: Lightning strikes near Homebush. (Twitter: Daisy De Windt)

Severe thunderstorms have brought lightning and heavy rainfall to Sydney, with almost 50 millimetres falling in some suburbs during a 30-minute deluge.

More than 47mm fell in 30 minutes at Guildford in Sydney’s west, while Auburn was drenched by 41mm and Parramatta by 38mm.

In Baulkham Hills, in Sydney’s north-west, 34mm fell in 30 minutes.

Endeavour Energy said 26,000 homes across western Sydney were without power.

Sydney Airport is reporting delays of up to one hour at its domestic terminal.

The rain hit as many commuters were travelling home.

A fallen tree in Cherrybrook closed New Line Road northbound approaching Purchase Road, while Roseville Bridge went underwater.

In Penrith, ominous green mammatus clouds seemed to signal hail.

The Bureau of Meteorology warned heavy rain, damaging winds and large hailstones could affect parts of the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Sydney, Wollondilly and Greater Wollongong areas.

It said severe thunderstorms were detected on the radar near Hornsby, Parramatta, Wollongong, Sydney city and the Airport, as well as Olympic Park and Picton.

They were moving east, with storms forecast to affect the central coast, southern suburbs and south-west.

The SES has advised people to move their cars under cover and away, secure loose items around your house, yard or balcony and stay at least 8 metres from fallen power lines.




We had 7.4mm from 5.30 till 7 this morning.

On the not so bright side, I’ll probably have to mow the back lawn this week when the weeds grow 2 feet high in a week. Haven’t had to mow since November.


Makes me want footy.


Back to the Port Fairy we know and love today…squally, windy, a tad brisk. The lawns are getting greener though.

Some of the Jazz Festival visitors still in town after the weekend, meaning that regulars at the coffee shop had to squeeze up and talk to each other.


Genuine april/may weather today. Like wim said, makes me wish the footy was back


gentle cascade of frozen rain is currently falling


I have not used my umbrella for rain in this first 37 days of my trip. Might be useful on today’s Sri Lanka trek, though…

(It was useful at temples where you need to remove your hat. Sun shade!)


On the far south coast of NSW, we had an inch of lovely, beautiful, wonderful drenching rain.

The garden has been sighing with thanks and gratitude, me too.


Have emptied 165mm out of the gauge over the last couple of days. Still raining now

I have 2 tanks totalling 60k litres on my shed that were empty and the house tanks had about 1000L left in them.

House tanks now full. Pool full. Shed tanks filling and seasonal creek running.

Happy camper!


Sydney’s had 116mm since yesterday morning. After 16 and 8 the previous two days.

We haven’t even had 8mm for the year to date.


Melbourne could certainly ■■■■■■ use some. I lost another two of this year’s eucalypt seedlings to the dry today, after two on Friday, and that’s not even counting the dozens of shrub seedlings that the rabbits have eaten to the ground because there’s no new grass growth to distract them.


Keeping a unflinching eye on the precipitation Eric?