A thread about rain and no other things


I couldn’t kill our eucalypts with a flamethrower, but we’ve lost two mature trees in the last two years and have another that’s not looking great.


Last year was terrible. There was no meaningful rain until May. I lost some really big mature ironbarks, and every single banksia on the property. And it meant that I couldn’t do any planting til basically midwinter, so the seedlings I put in were less ready t deal with this summer than I was hoping they’d be.

Rabbits have been the big problem this year though.


And black puddings…and shovels…


Rain? WTF is that??

Heading back to the Coast in a day or 2 now, so should get reaquainted fairly soon, …


Melbourne - yes it is. And it’s a welcomed sound.


Just when I’m away for the weekend. 30 and sunny here…


Best you stay away for a month or two.


Don’t want to skite but………………………we’ve had 52 mills over night. We are still way under our usual rainfall tally. However my veggie garden’s now laying fallow are enjoying the rain.

I had great expectations for the tomatoes which after the two hail storms had been totally decimated. I pruned them severely ground level, severely to see whether or not they might come back. They did and we have some lovely tomatoes coming on. Then…the birdds got them and the fruit fly inside finished it off for us. I have now failed tomatoes three years running.


We were in a lucky spot yesterday evening, 25mm first rain for the month. We are NW of Kilmore, south of Kilmore did not get any rain.


We’ve pretty much tripled our annual rainfall YTD over the last 12 hours.

And that’s just with 9mm.


I hear rain
I feel rain.
It’s only a bit of rain.
We need more rain.
Bring on a lot of rain.


Even a spit’LL do.


You called? :wink:


Rain, glorious rain.


I heard there might be some frozen rain.


I think the wet stuff just landed here, but it’s gone now. Maybe 2 mins worth.


What about chubby rain?





it’s an excellent movie