Ads on Discourse Blitz


Each time we’ve done a transfer there’s been some amount of manual tinkering to get everything up and going.

For example the problem with @hotmail accounts has been around for years but not a problem until we needed people to actually receive emails.

And Vanilla didn’t allow spaces in usernames for new signups but they were imported with spaces. So this forum is more strict on that but we could’ve fixed it awhile ago.

But this version of this forum I reckon is the most stable it’s been since OG Blitz. Every other version has felt like a hack job behind the scenes.


I am getting either adds or a big space with the text ‘advertisement’




I still have ads too.


Couldn’t you actually do with them? Might be time you heard something up there?




Fair go! We just had Johnny Farnham up here last night on the Red Hot Summer tour. It’s all happening in Dubbo.


Coming soon to Tassie… looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about :slight_smile:


G’day Rolo. New site looks good, just need to get used to it. Getting ads as well. Would appreciate a fix when you’ve got time. Thanks


I’ve got ads too.

Must be a pain to fix them all individually…


I am getting ads in German and what I assume is Danish -and for business cards.

I have business cards. And I don’t do business in northern europe.

Whoever is doing the machine learning for these ads is wasting a lot of bux.

But as long as BB gets a cut I suppose all is good.


I got adds too


Ads aren’t filthy enough for me.




I don’t have you listed as a donator or player sponsor?








Thanks Riolio.




Please help, I’ve got ads!