Ads on Discourse Blitz


Could you remove the ads please Riolio.


Sorry Rolo, another request to punt the ads please - I’m still seeing them after a logout and cookie delete.

Thanks very much.


Done x2




Thanks Riolio


Umm I get ads and I’m not a sponsor or anything so I don’t mind. However thought it might be useful to let you know that I’m getting ads for 2 things mostly:

  1. Accommodation in Medellin Colombia. This makes sense because I’m currently in Bogota with the wife and son visiting relos and contemplating a short hop to Medellin been searching flight etc.

  2. Hawthorn membership ads??? I have not searched or read anything specific related to Hawthorn although I have used the afl site to watch our JLT games.

I suppose you could conclude that the AFL and Hawthorn are actually the same entity (freekick Hawthorn)

I also initially thought we should get rid of these ads cos it might be embarrassing, on second thought I figured it’s pretty funny that Hawthorn are wasting advertising dollars in a place where they won’t sella single member ship even if hell freezes over. Anyway, fark Hawthorn.


People should keep telling us what ads they see so we know what they’re into…


I’m still getting ads, pretty sure I’m in the player sponsor group…


It would seem so, yes…


Just because that shows doesn’t mean they’re ad free unfortunately. I still have to reset manually.


Yeah that’s why I haven’t said anything…


Although today my ads aren’t showing up - just the grey box with the sad piece of folded paper.


Didn’t have ads on old Blitz, do on Discourse. If I’m meant to have them, no worries. If I’m ad free, then great.


I’m still getting them. I’m a donator as I remember


Hello Rolo,

this version of me is a donator also. Also interested if the player sponsor title might work for this user if not the other (SCarey1 vs SCarey) given this was the main SCarey before it became SCarey1.


Bose QC25s. Does Google know nothing?! I want the QC 35s.


when bose is a shadow of its 80’s self.


…why do you have two accounts?




All this SCarey talk from all these SCarey people is getting SCarey.


You’ve heard the story of my identity crisis before.

Old account was rijofl (vanilla), I wanted a name change to SCarey, I had no luck with this so I opened a new account with the name SCarey (vanilla) which I did a lot of posting with and wasn’t using rijofl anymore.

Somehow when you transitioned us to discourse, the vanilla rijofl became discourse SCarey and vanilla SCarey became discourse SCarey1.

So now I am torn between the uncredited longevity of the original rijofl account which now has my main posting name of SCarey and my actual main posting account which has the new discourse name of SCarey1 and most of my posting history.