AFL Draft 2018 Thread


Great ball control.


From memory FS Rookies come right at the end


How the hell did Will Langford win a norm smith and now is a rookie reject a few years later.


We passed on the rest


Unless it’s an automatic selection if nobody picks him up and you don’t have to bid?


Weird, why nominate him then not pick him?


Just couldn’t pass on a player like Matt Dea. We didn’t expect him to be available at our pick, etc, etc.


Agreed. This is very odd.


I think this was just a blitz folk tale.

I never saw any official releases on it.

Blitz just talked about it so much it became fact.


So we swapped baguley to the rookie list, for Dea.


Baguley stayed on the main list.

Is Kieran Strachan, now Adelaide, our former seconds player?


We are now free to pick up Daniel Hanna as a category B rookie. Surely worth a shot.


The club publicly announced that Baguley would be delisted, picked up as a rookie… and then they changed their mind, and decided it would be Dea.


Anyone take Grigg?


The club didn’t publicly announce that about Baguley. An AFL communications specialist wrote an article suggesting that’s what would happen. That article wasn’t even posted on the club site


Possibly, I thought I saw an afl article on it.

If we were remotely interested we should be getting him to the VFL to take a decent look. If he doesn’t come down then he isn’t serious and we can put a line through him.


Three questions:

Is Mark Baguley on one of our lists (or will he be)?
Is Matt Neagle on one of our lists (or will he be)?
Is Zac Clarke on one of our lists (or will he be)?


Yes, primary
No, probably not.
No, probably.


Yes (senior)
No no
No yes


Yeah, they lied.