AFL Draft 2018 Thread


That’s unusual, …


I knew I’d be the only one answering this blooody question… AGAIN.



I got behind on this and started reading this thread. Actually thought you were all joking about Joking (even though I knew he was an option.

Once we had him and Dea then we had to keep the third for Clarke, so I guess the discussion was about Dea vs Neagle.

I hope we had managed Neagle expectations appropriate, because the way I’d read the article on the AFL site, I thought once nominated as a rookie he just automatically came to us as the final rookie pick. (as per the old rules). Hope the kid isn’t too gutted and is keen to have a crack at VFL level.

I can understand the Dea decision. We rated him, but thought that he’d surely get picked up by another club, and when he didn’t he was the best option for us. Obviously I’d have liked a development project, but we’re all on next year, and Dea makes sense in that context.


I’d have answered if I’d got to it…


The Kurt Tippet one is comedy gold. Swans had to do it to balance the books.



Who did we get? Are they any good? Let me guess - none of the guys people in here have spent 2 months masturbating over?


Not one of any of their wishlists

Besides Benfti who wanted to do over Hawks

I wanted a small fwd but thought we’d go a mature ager but rapt with who we did.


I wanted Mosquito from who was left at the time.


I know nothing of Noah but I’ve seen enough of Zerk at juniors and seniors to believe he will be very good


Just watched the clip of Noah above, looks like he will be one of those workman like, dependable player types.

(very pleasing)


I also hear he is good in the wet


Is the knock on Sydney Stack commitment? Must be something like that to get the result he got today by most assessments of his ability.


Has very little apparently.



Yes, but read a bit further and you would have to be concerned about his performance after a big game.


In other news it appears Richmond drafted a 13 year old:



Still older than Zerrett.


Mmm…he made the All-Australian team, so must be quite a shock to go undrafted…he wasn’t the only one though, as I think Kyle Reid and Buku Khamis also suffered this outcome.