AFL Draft 2018 Thread


With our 2018 drafting strategy of funny names how did we not get this guy!


Adressed most needs except a glaring one…inside bull. Yes, Shiel is great. But could have tried one instead of Dea.


So many funny names, so little time list places.


Buku Khamis was picked up by the Dogs under some rookie NGA rule.


Very surprised to see Mitch Grigg overlooked.


Bulldog academy also, I think.


And Marlion. The two best non-afl players being overlooked is odd.


I saw our priorities as being small fwd/quick winger/tall fwd/ruck… so I’m perfectly happy with the way it’s turned out out.


I’m happy with what we’ve done here, i feel for once we’ve addressed list needs over best possible.

Colyer, Green, Jerret all off the list and Bags probably 1 more year in him we needed small forwards and we nabbed two. Gown maybe a surprise but Stewart didn’t come on as hoped another young tall forward ain’t a bad idea


To be fair, Martin Gleeson was 12 when we drafted him.


Jok and Skeeta (and Dea) bleed Red and Black, makes me damn proud.

Gown needs to clean Carlton stank off him, quick smart.

Sandwich has a good doggo


Ham Gown to Mosquito Tuth

Nice work Disco.


Article in the Sun says our draft selections are all “Project Players” which is supposed to be a perjorative.
I mean, really, do we expect any of them to be best 22 in round 1 2019 ?
Our first pick will definitely play round 1.


Agreed. We wanted either mature players who could just add to depth, or upside projects who have greater odds of being top line. We seem to have got that while covering our major list issues in the future.


Despite Dodoro saying we took the exact opposite approach?


I guess dods and i have a different view of list needs then


That could be coincidence, or just maybe recruiting teams aren’t honest prior to (or probably after) the draft?


Possibly, but I can’t see what advantage there would be to lying about it


Damian Barrett did a lot of research on these two.
A lot.


Yeah, I absolutely call BS on that statement by Dodoro.

I don’t expect to hear his real thoughts.