AFL Draft 2018 Thread


Or maybe it’s a weak draft after pick xx and there isn’t much difference so we took the best available that also suited our needs.


And who he supported as a kid.


Outside Mosquito, probably true enough.

But everyone you get at pick 60+ is going to be in the same boat. Sp it’s not really saying much.




  1. Irving Mosquito: Forward, 176cm, 72kg, Gippsland Power

  2. Noah Gown: Forward, 194cm, 91kg, Gippsland Power

  3. Brayden Ham: Utility, 185cm, 65kg, Geelong Falcons


  1. Tom Jok: Defender/midfielder: 193cm, 80kg, Collingwood VFL

  2. Matt Dea: Re-listed

Buckenara says: Essendon didn’t have a big hand but made an impact by stealing Irving Mosquito from Hawthorn, who had first rights to him via their next generation academy. Mosquito is an electric player with AFL traits and in time could form a seriously dangerous and dynamic partnership with Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti in the forward half, while he can also play midfield. That could be a cult duo. He’ll need time to develop but he’ll add so much excitement — he was probably the most exciting player in the draft. Noah Gown at pick 60 is interesting given he’s a key forward and the Bombers have a glut of bigger forwards on the list already. He’s got a pretty strong body and can take a mark but is also very competitive and has a good defensive mindset, too. He’ll be behind the likes of Daniher, Stringer, Brown and Stewart. Brayden Ham at pick No.72 brings more speed onto the list.

Buckenara’s verdict: After bringing in star midfielder Dylan Shiel during the trade period, the Bombers had limited picks and all three players will need time to develop.

(From the herald sun)




Don’t the rules state you have to use 3 draft picks every year? How did hawthorn only use two, have they still got a separate rule book to the rest of the comp?


pretty sure a rookie pick counts


Pretty sure it’s 3 list changes, not 3 draft picks


We only used two ND picks in 2013 and 14



As for the actual rule, it’s interesting the AFL chose to define success as sacking people, not as bringing in new people. I know there’s no difference, but this kind of thing is usually important to them.

(It might have been a useful distinction when their own plastic clubs were forced to shrink their lists?)


Rookie upgrades count

So I assume they had 2 ND picks and a rookie promoted to meet the requirements


theDJR, I thought it was you that said a year or two ago that the AFL don’t have rules. They have loose guidelines


No. They have rules, but in the unpublished guidelines it says they don’t actually have to follow them, or let anyone know when they fail to do so.


Let me help you out.

And why is this?


I can see what answer will come here.

It will feature Gill the Dill with that stupid cap on.


Ah this is it then, they did upgrade 3 rookies according to a quick Google search


Blooody spoilers.

Still, worth it.


Did a little write-up for some mates who weren’t following the draft. Thought I’d share it (excuse the bad puns).
Essendon -
Iving Mosquito (38), Noah Gown (60), Brayden Ham (72), Tom Jok (rookie)
A huge coup for Dodoro securing one of the most talented small forwards in the draft. An incredible buzz about adding this kid to the mosquito fleet of Razzle Dazzle and AMT. Irving follows a similar path to AMT moving down to Gippsland at a young age with a host family to further his education. ‘Mozzie’ will complete year 12 next year and will take a bit of time to develop.

Noah Gown is a 194cm KPF that has a huge potential upside. Coming from a ‘basketball background’, he only began playing footy at age 16 and has produced an outstanding 2nd half of the year in the TAC cup. He was among Gippys best in each of their last 10 matches and managed a TAC Cup high of 21 goals and 19 contested marks in his last 7.

Brayden Ham has a hock in it for potentially the worst name of the draft #brayden. 19 year-old, 180cm, outside mid for the Geelong Falcons, he rates elite for speed and endurance and is a very nice left foot kick. Very slim build and and will take time to develop. From the POV of an athletic profile, seems like potentially a replacement for Colyer. Has played jnrs as a forward and in defence but we may look to develop him into a genuine wingman.

Lastly Tommy Jok was picked up in the rookie draft at pick 8. At 194cm, he is a supreme athlete, beating St Kilda’s 2-4th year players in a 2km time trial. After dominating for SKevs in the VAFA, he played VFL for Collingwood this year and at 21yrs of age, has made it onto an AFL list. He can play pretty much anywhere with his unique athletic traits and I see him as a slightly shorter ‘Blicavs’ type. Very intrigued to see what position he will be playing in 2019. Has played really good footy behind the ball as a defender but we are very well stocked there atm.


Only thing you could / should probably add to that.


This pick now makes way more sense.