AFL Draft 2018 Thread


With Merv gone we should free Emma Quale from GWS for starters

I know we have RFK, Bryce and Georgia and I remeber seeing something about Noel Judkins still looks at tape for us, but other clubs have state heads, scouters who have physiology backgrounds and everything.

I’m still burnt from captain underfunding peter Jackson, that stuff like this still worries me


Yep, and it’s a lot more than just watching games of footy these days. So much off field research.


I don’t feel like we’ve missed too much of late.

Even the guys that don’t make it, you can see the traits that attracted us to them.


We also had less picks.


The trouble is you don’t know who we have missed. It’s an opportunity cost, combined with resources lost spent on players that never would have made it, and could have been identified as such with the appropriate research.

Ben is right. This area is crucial for future success, and one of the reasons we were in the doldrums for so long after the recruiting from local zones was finished.


Have done it for yonks.
I still remember Michael Still and Michael Hurley from the same club.


Interestingly we have gone for the slightly older kids with our late picks. Gives the recruiters an additional one or two years to assess them as opposed to an 18yr old speculative pick. Examples are zerk, guelfi, ham.


Zaka was from the same TAC club too.


I think there is a Benfti-shaped hole on our recruiting team

Perhaps we should petition for an Emma Quayle and Benfti off-season recruitment combo?


I reckon if the club employed Benfti, it would only take Dodoro a few weeks to say something along the lines of “■■■■■■ hell, we’ve got a sheedy clone here”


Personally I would rather see us continue to pump money into our development. Recruitment is in an inexact science where things can always go wrong, no matter how much research you do. However once you have the player at the club you need to do everything possible to give them the best chance at succeeding. I feel like this is an area we got wrong for period post Sheedy, however recent signs are that we have greatly improved and most of our players are now developing as our recruiters expected they would.


How does having more people in the room help you make the correct decisions on draft day? If I was in charge of recruiting I’d want a small handful of trusted staff and not a whole room of people diluting the focus


The people in the room where pretty much all our full time recruiting employees. That’s the point


Some people always have a whinge.


^Thanks for your whinge.


For the other clubs, were all the people at their table full time, or did it include trusted part time staff?

What are the numbers across the league full time? And what counts to the footy department cap?

Genuinely interested.


11 in that room for the giants…

I’m tipping half in that room would be academy coaches who play a dual role of coaching and scouting.


Amid the hype storm, dissenting views are starting to appear, such as this from Sporting

Essendon’s 2019 list

The Bombers’ obvious focus of the trade period was Shiel and he’s good enough to have an immediate impact, but overall they may not have taken that big of a step forwards.

While Goddard had his issues, he was still one of Essendon’s better players this year and his loss will somewhat negate Shiel’s on-field gains.

The fact the Bombers were kept out of the draft till pick 38 makes the deal look a tad expensive in the long run, even though Mosquito will bring all sorts of attention and merchandising opportunities the club’s way.

Embedded video

Essendon FC :heavy_check_mark: @EssendonFC

Mozzie + Walla

This duo could be deadly.

Outside of that, there was some shuffling of peripheral players, but no best 22 types left Windy Hill


It’s fair to think Essendon will be a more competitive side in 2019 and there’s no doubt the Bombers are in with a strong shot at finals, but the price they paid for Shiel may yet make this off-season a loss.




I thought he might of too, but I was a bit lazy to check.
Pretty amazing our top 3 picks were from the same club.