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I know it’s the original TC series, but I haven’t listened to it yet, Mr. Chronological. I also prefer Aussie and (to a lesser extent) Japanese TC podcasts over American ones.


1/2 way through ‘Dirty John’. Way too slow for mine. Bog average.


Serial was ground-breaking.

S-Town was bog average, I thought. It was a big case of WGAF about these people.
Dirty John too…silly sheila kept reconnecting with a bs artist.


The first serial was very good.

The second one I didn’t even finish.

S town wasn’t great but was different. Characters you don’t normally hear about in that depth.


The only S Town podcast you need to worry about is Sizzletown by Tony Martin.


Syed’s conviction has been struck off and it’s now going to a complete new trial.

So you could be wrong, or - alternatively - you could be wrong.


Good luck to him.


The second one about the deserter was useless. He deserted. Don’t make him out to be a good guy.


Don’t know if it has already been mentioned here but Untold is worth listening to for those who like true crime. A truely disturbing tale of corrupt Scotland Yard police, murder and the Murdoch press.


You are joking right. Sales and Crabb communists! You must have very right wing views if you reckon they are left wing. I guess you never watch 7.30 Report.


Sorry…I was being facetious…and I always watch 7.30.

They’re neither wing as far as I can tell. They just find right-wing views abhorrent. That doesn’t make anyone left-wing, except in the eyes of the Duttons, Abbotts et al.


My apologies for doubting you!


Bad Blood and Unravel have been pretty good


Soon they will run out of “un-“ words, then there won’t be any more new true crime podcasts.




What are those weird unstable elements right down the bottom right of the periodic table?



Listened to ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ yet?


Up to ep.9 now. Has been great to listen to on my morning commute. Absolutely staggering how many departments have let Lyn and her daughters down. Hopefully something comes of this. They deserve better than the slipshod ‘investigation’ they’ve been given by those who should have done a whole lot better. Chris Dawson must face a trial and then we can see what a jury thinks when all the evidence is tabled. At the very least, there should be a bit more digging! No pun intended.


Just listened to the Casefile episode about the Family Court killings/bombings, whoa, can’t believe I’d never heard of that before.

Unbelievable he got away with it for soo long


So, the DPP has ‘unfettered discretion’ - which, in layman’s terms, means that he/she doesn’t need to provide reasons/explanations for a decision to prosecute (or not) a case.

The current New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions is Lloyd Babb. Mr. Babb was the school captain & played rugby at Chris Dawson’s school (where he worked as a teacher). The conflict of interest is staggering. Another hectic twist in this saga.

Mr. Babb will obviously have to excuse himself, however, the new brief of evidence is somewhere in his office. Will other senior members within his office be able to objectively decide whether the DPP’s office plan to prosecute? If they fail to do so, their decision can’t be challenged.