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Australia Story are airing a program on this investigation tonight. I also heard that 60 Minites did a story last night. Things are heating up for Chris Dawson.


Cheers. I’m based in Tokyo, so won’t be able to watch the program, unless there is an online replay.

The case is gathering steam & the noose is tightening. Wonder if he will ever fall on his sword or will it take a dig of his former property by the police (or privately funded) before justice is delivered?

Plenty to play out.


For those that liked The History of Rome, the presenter is doing a new series Revolutions. So far I’m through the English civil war and the American revolution. Starting on the French Revolution now. Recommend.


Massive news out today.

Wow! #justiceforlyn





How crazy is it that we were just discussing a potential dig less than 24 hours ago? And the media coverage you mentioned has obviously ramped the pressure up overnight. I note that the Police are preceding without the DPP having formalised a decision as yet. Watch this space over the next few days. Will be front page news very shortly.


Given Dawson’s keen interest in what was going on with the backyard even years after he’d moved on, I think there’s every chance they’ll find something.


You betcha. Super suspicious behaviour. And Joe Cimino’s extensive notes on the ‘disturbed ground’ he encountered during his concreting work on the property. Plus her previously found cardigan (with knife marks). Hope they find poor Lyn. And if they do, Chris is goneski.


I’m not sure if it’s possible to access iView in Japan but you could view it on there. It was worth the watch to put some faces to voices and names. There was nothing told that we didn’t already know though. There was some interesting footage of the Dawson brothers trying to dodge a CA crew.


I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Edit: Only available to users within OZ. Will follow the story online. Cheers.


Sniffer dogs brought in a short while ago.


Episodes of Revolutions are that convenient length of half an hour. Just finished the first one. Only downloaded the English Civil War one so far.



You legend! Much appreciated.


The head on that baby looks like its of a 60 year old bloke.


I’m 10 eps through Teacher’s Pet.

It’s pretty good, I wouldn’t say amazing. It’s all getting a bit repetitive now and (so far) I don’t think there’s been any huge gotcha moments.

Hedley is not exactly objective either. I find he asks very leading questions. The podcast could probably be a lot shorter if he didn’t repeatedly mention soft soil, that Joanne moved in two days after Lyn disappeared that TWO coroners found Chris murdered his wife. He seems to repeat those three statements 4 or 5 times an episode, which gets tiresome.


Would highly recommend the current season (season 2) of Up and Vanished, really interesting case


Cromwell has just entered the fray in Revolutions series 1. I never knew too much about him. I don’t think I would have liked him.


That’s a rather cavalier thing to say