All Things Podcast


Thanks for the heads up on The Teachers Pet - made the time renovating the house pass much quicker. Although I agree with @evs - he does repeat himself continually.

Unfortunate news about the latest dig.


Gone Fishing is a kiwi true crime podcast that is really bizarre


Black Hands was good


not sure if mentioned before, but Reply All is an interesting one around how the internet is used for so many bizarre things.

Was hooked on Welcome to Night Vale and King Falls AM as your random local public radio style genre. Little sci fi, but some good music to come out of WtNV.

Listening to Stuff You Should Know, Stuff they Don’t Want you to know and Stuff you missed in history class right now.

Couldn’t stand listening to Ira Glass on TAL.


I always enjoy Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb in their Chats 10 something 3.

I suppose you get so turned off by the likes of Credlin, Panahi, Devine, Ferranti-Wells, Mirabella that it makes you enjoy the work of two such intelligent and reasonable women.

Haven’t found out yet what their favourite lattes or chardonnays are yet though.

They’ve just talked about Leigh Sales’s new book which covers how people react to a sudden tragedy which turns their life on its head. And to cap things off, her father died suddenly shortly after she finished the book.


For anybody who has strayed away from The Joe Rogan Experience due to him basically phoning it in for about the last 18 months…

The latest with William Von Hippell is like a classic Rogan episode, when he used to be into it.

It’s all about our evolution, and how our social systems evolved from the primate stage right up to now. Granted, I’m personally fascinated by this stuff, but I certainly recommend.


Rogan is only interested when he should be wearing tin foil.


Or if he gets to explain the stoned ape theory again.

Which he gets to do here.


I thought exactly the same thing.

First episode I’ve watched all the way through for a long time. Guest was super interesting.

All Joes memes got a run, bonobos, stoned ape, DMT. It was hillarious when he’d been speaking about DMT for 10 mins and did the hang on why am I speaking about this. Such a stoner.


“how did we get onto ayahuasca again? Oh yeah, Cheetah’s getting stoned.”


Jamie bring up the video of an octopus eating a shark, yeah octopus are super interesting.


Man, I gotta get me some of that California weed.

It was also interesting to hear yet another person sh*t on Chris Ryan’s theory, but not really have anything to back it up.


Rogan is as interesting as most stoners.

Ie not at all.


The Big Picture on the ringer network is great, usually half an hour of directors talking about their movies.


Chris Dawson has been arrested and is expected to be charged with the murder of his wife Lyn.




Interesting development, can’t wait for the media sideshow


I can’t wait for justice for Lyn and (hopefully) closure for her family after 36 long years. The DPP must be quietly confident with the new evidence - given that their recent dig failed to find Lyn’s remains (NB: I still believe the police should have dug up the foundations where the house extension took place). Will continue to follow this case with interest.


Honestly, unless they find the body or have uncovered some new damning evidence I fear he’ll get off. I am far to pessimistic about this whole case though.


TBH, I’m the opposite. Take no notice of Cowdery’s comments. They smack of a former DPP justifying his failure to act during his time as DPP - in light of the renewed public interest in the case. A court has already declared Lyn as being legally deceased (ironically for Chris’s asset grab) - so the idea put forward by Cowdery that she may still be alive is nonsense.

The DPP are obviously under pressure from the public to pursue the case, however, the addition of new evidence and witness statements make it an extremely strong case of circumstantial evidence. Even without a body, I think a jury in today’s day and age would most likely find Chris guilty. Only time will tell.