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It’ll depend on what evidence is allowed in court, bungling by the cops might allow the defence to bring in enough doubt for a jury.

Either way, he has gotten away with it for so long that any sentence will be insufficient punishment. At this point, it’s more about closure for family and correcting systemic injustice; though I’d love to see more of the predatory teachers, and those who enabled them, in chains.


Very true. I think you will find that they have thoroughly investigated the case now, though, compared with their incompetent 80’s style attempt (not to mention Chris’s inside contacts within the police at the time). Modern methods and a much tighter brief of evidence will be put forward.

Agreed. #justiceforlyn must be pursued, though.

I think there may also be an independent investigation running parallel with Lyn’s case at the moment, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more about this in the near future.


Dawson has just been arrested for Murder.


Thanks Sandra Sully


Surely it will be hard for them to get a conviction here. No forensic evidence, no body, just 40 year old memories and hearsay.

I do think he absolutely did it based on the information in the podcast but if I was a juror I couldn’t convict him using the principle of ‘reasonable doubt’.


It certainly won’t be an easy case to run.

Former Deputy NSW coroner, Carl Milovanovich, however, believes that the weight of the circumstantial evidence is too great & would result in a jury delivering a guilty verdict. I tend to agree with him, although it could go either way. Inconsistencies in Chris’s statements are fairly damning. And perhaps there is other evidence (not in the public domain?) that may have been included in the brief of evidence.

And we can’t discount the possibility (remote that it seems) that Chris won’t crack & confess. 37 years is a long time. For now, I am just satisfied that he has been arrested - with bail refused & will be extradited to NSW to face charges.


I am very curious what’s changed. Wondering if the school girls story may have changed.


You keep saying Greg. You mean Chris right? Otherwise I’m awfully confused.


What happens if there is a murder committed and there was two suspects. Say you have DNA evidence that it was one of a pair of twins and other evidence to back it up.

You can’t prove which twin did It yet it had to have been one of them. What happens in this situation?

Is there enough doubt that you can’t be convicted?


Yeah. Why was the name Greg on my mind while I was slow cooking a lamb shoulder, helping my son with his kanji homework, sinking beers, & typing responses on Blitz via my moby? Gee, lucky I’m not a jury candidate, hey? I might err and find a guilty bloke actually guilty. :wink:


The ratline is very good


Listening to the Teacher’s Pet, I felt he must have buried her off site that next morning when he said he went out to drop her off at the bus stop. He wouldn’t have mentioned it unless he wanted an alibi for why he left the house early. Now it sounds like that’s the case.


An excellent question, BC. In that case (identical twins), DNA evidence would be inadmissible & the police would need to rely on other evidence (fingerprinting, etc).


For those following ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ podcast, episode 16 (titled ‘Arrest’) has been released today.

Two things:

  1. Additional evidence confirmed.
  2. Strike force Southwood was established in July 2018 and investigations are underway re: allegations of abuse of students in Northern Beaches high schools. @HirdMentality


Why would DNA be inadmissible? It’d just mean it was only narrowing down to two people, rather than one.

If you can prove the other one was elsewhere, or something similar…?


Kinda funny in the case of identical twins.

You couldn’t rely on a standard DNA test alone (without other evidence) in the case of identical twins - as they have the exact same DNA.

Science moves fast, though.


I could foresee a situation where one twin giving a solid alibi could condemn the other one.



Also, are you familiar with the Donald and Ronald Smith case? Police arrested Donald (as they had his DNA in their database), but fingerprints proved that it was actually his identical twin, Ronald, who committed the crime (hijack & shooting of someone).


I’d blame the parents for that one. Seriously, who’d name identical twins Ronald and Donald?


Donald should be an MC.