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Yeah, that’s criminal (& cruel).


Michael Connelly (of Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer fame) has just started a true crime podcast called Murder Book.

It starts with a 30-year case that exposes the fragility of the US judicial system.

I’ve just put my Revolutions podcast on the back burner. Louis-Philippe has just abdicated as the last king of the French as the first domino to fall in the Revolutions of 1848. The Second Republic has dawned.


Met a guy who does a podcast called undisciplined. Each week gets 2 leading researchers of different fields to explain their research to each other. End result is science talk that isn’t dumbed down, but explained so an intelligent person without the background can understand. Will be added to my commute podcast rotations.


At this point it’s easier to list the people who haven’t started a true crime podcast.


Not many have had 20-30 best-sellers, 2 movies and a 4-season TV series made.


Subscribed. Cheers.

That should read UnDisciplined. Had a look at the other one, Undisciplined, and there was an episode titled ‘Whoresome Men’. Didn’t look too scientific, so I kept searching and found the one you mentioned. Cheers. :wink: