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Subscribed. Oh, this looks like being a ripper. Cheers.


Yep. Decades. Multiple jurisdictions. Broken hearts. A tsunami of financially ruined victims. Sentencing in June (I believe).


Can I recommend;

Somehow Related - Glenn Robbins and Dave O’Neill.

Two strange things that are somehow related. E.g. Salvador Dali & Chupa chups.

Childproof - Tony Martin & Geraldine Quinn.

A mini series that didn’t’ get up reworked and turned into a podcast play.


Have almost finished ‘Murder Book S1: The Tell-Tale Bullet’ and have throughly enjoyed it. Cheers for the reco. Rollin 60s gang member infiltrates the police and becomes a police sergeant - despite being the main suspect in an earlier carjacking and murder.

Just knocked off Neil Strauss’ podcast ‘To Live and Die in LA’. Several whodunit twists that will keep you guessing till the end.


The Grade Cricketer Podcast is back.
It’s one I really enjoy and always get a laugh from.


I bought the book. Gave up after about 50 pages. It was so far from everything else they do that I couldn’t stand it.

It’d be like Titus O’Reily writing a family drama/gender identity novel.


My avatar has a great podcast at the moment. Check out Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. Not particularly funny but quite interesting


The first book by the Grade Cricketer was awesome - it nailed exactly what my 12 years of playing premier cricket was like.

Their second book wasn’t anywhere near as good.

Just listening to their latest podcast now.


Best I read like that was The Vincibles by Gideon Haigh about a season in the life of South Yarra CC who were in our comp at the time.

Two identical twins from SYCC wrote the MyCricket app in that year which seems to be everywhere now.


Yep that was a great read - I played against a few of the characters over the years.

MyCricket is a great resource. On a personal note my only wish is that it had my entire career record. The records for my best two seasons in the middle of my career are missing due to Cricket Victoria deciding to go it alone for a couple of years!


Anyone listen to The Final Word with Adam Collis and Geoff Lemon? Best cricket podcast out there imo.


Latest (& prolly last) episode of “Who the Hell is Hamish?” is out. Sentencing. Won’t spoil it.