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Errol Flynn also an eye opener.

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Yep both great ones


I thought this was kind of fun. Scroll through, find a band you like and listen to these guys review every album they ever did.

Went to see the Dollop last night…what a great show it was. I first found them due to this thread…thank you!


fabric of Essendon is a great podcast.
Paul Salmon episode probably my favouite so far.
Alec Epis was good as he was a bit before my time, learned quite a bit.

Fabric of the Essendon Football Club on Apple Podcasts

Found this podcast today. This episode features ex Essendon whipping boy Kepler Bradley. ‎The Hard Yarns Podcast: #136 - Kepler Bradley on Apple Podcasts

Smartless with Jason Bateman, Wil Arnette and that other guy from Will and Grace or Ned and Stacey or something.

It is very, very good.

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For those who remember Sarah Koenig’s Serial about the conviction of Adnan Syed for the murder of his girlfriend in Baltimore, Adnan has just been released because the judge does not feel his conviction was safe.

The prosecutor has not decided whether to retry. The evidence always did some dodgy, but then, we’re only hearing what Koenig wants us to hear.

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Wow - that’s interesting.
I always felt that he was playing everybody.


Wasn’t it actually the prosecutors initiating it and going to the judge saying we have new evidence and we are unsure / uncomfortable with what happened at the trial?

You’re right.

Here are screenshots of the three pages I read…

Protect our parks are so funny. Shane Gillis is the best.
I have only come around to listening to some of these comedy podcasts. I enjoy Tom Segura ones too.

Normally after they do protect your parks they go do Kill Tony and continue to drink.

Yeh I watched that.
I think I heard in the sober October ep that protect your parks is scheduled for start of November.

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Yeah cant be done in Oct haha

Have you watched the gilly and keeves skits?

Yeah, love his Trump

Cheers for this, I’ve been listening to loads of episodes the past few weeks. Great banter, great guests.

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