Amazon. Will it work in Australia?


Companies come up with 50 different marketing angles for a sale every year - end of financial year, summer spring autumn winter, racing carnival, Christmas, Easter, back to school - etc
What’s one more?

I think it might be the silliest complaint I’ve read on here since “are record companies only bringing back vinyl to sell us stuff”


So I take it the “soft launch” uncovered a load of problems and some software engineers have been working 24/7 since, and their managers are currently looking for alternative employment?


Herald Sun get no money from me, nor anything Murdoch related. I have no Foxtel etc.

Without asking for Gerry Harvey’s tax return I have no idea how much tax he or his empire pays. However, it would be more than Amazon. He also employs many in his stores. So given a choice of a business which pays some tax and one which pays none…

So you’re happy to support a business which pays no tax and has a minimal-staffing model? Good one. That’s a prefect example right there of why this country is ■■■■■■.


The guy screws over suppliers and franchisees.

You are aware that there are many Oz based companies that do the same right?

Hardly Normals business model has bit it in it’s ■■■■.


Not sure how true it is, but someone told me once that Gerry Harvey makes way way more off his real estate holdings - most of which are bricks and mortar shops - than his shops do.

Hence why he whinges about online all the time.

If it was about the retail industry itself, he’d just take it online like everyone else.


If they are relying on Australia Post to deliver their goods on time & in tact then they are pushing shyte up hill from the start. My business is mainly wholesale but do a bit of online sales & its almost not worth it to use Auspost. The amount of times they lose boxes or have a box be delivered upside down & damaged after clearly being marked as “fragile - this way up” shows they have a real culture problem when it comes to the care of peoples parcels. Then what makes it worse is its near impossible to get them to accept any responsibility for obvious mistreatment. I don’t know much about what Amazon are doing but i was hoping they were going to have their own logistics which might see some improvement across the sector. I don’t think it will be a walk in the park for them but if they have goods at cheap prices people will buy from them.


Hey of course Amazon will work here.

Ruslan Kogan made himself a multimillionaire here by being an Amazon lite.

(unsurprisingly he is selling up his stake in his own business as they arrive).

I’m more interested if Amazon bring their grocery service in to be honest.(is it 'trader Joe’s or something in the US?)


According to the HUN opening tomorrow


Read an article awhile ago that McDonald’s makes plenty as a real estate play.

Same as this new fancy coworking start up WeWork which is just buying up expensive office space all over the place.



Whole Foods.

It is (or at least used to be) a great brand.


So it’s up and it looks like amazon?




This morning, Amazon finally launched its online shopping portal in Australia, putting an end to months of wild speculation and shopper anticipation. Unfortunately, the prices we’re seeing aren’t nearly as revolutionary as we were hoping. In fact, some of them are downright terrible.
For months, industry analysts have told us that Amazon would be operating at a loss in Australia in a bid to dominate the market. Local retailers were supposed to be shaking in their boots at the prospect of ultra-cheap prices they couldn’t possibly hope to compete with. So how do those prices stack up in reality?

If you were hoping to get your Christmas shopping sorted on a budget, we have some bad news for you: the initial launch offerings aren’t nearly as impressive as we were led to believe.

Take, for example, the ever-popular smartphone category. The iPhone 7 Plus (128GB 4G LTE) will set you back $1375. That’s actually more expensive than buying from Apple direct, where the AU pricing is $1199. Likewise, the Samsung Galaxy S8 currently commands a price tag of $1570.87 on Amazon. Other Aussie retailers, including Kogan, are selling it for well under $900.

The price of action cams are similarly disappointing. The GoPro HERO5 Black GPCHDHX-501 is selling on Amazon for as much as $699. This is well above the average price in Australia - even Harvey Norman is selling it for $200 less than Amazon.

Laptop pricing is also very hit-and-miss. We spotted a Lenovo ThinkPad P51 (E3-1505M v6) for an eye-watering $5,732.95. The same machine goes for $3799 on Lenovo’s Australian website.

It’s worth noting that these are the maximum prices on Amazon for these products. It’s possible to find cheaper options if you refine your search and do some hunting around the site.

Much like eBay, the pricing varies considerably for the same exact product. Quality control also appears to be non-existent. We spotted a run-of-the-mill USB-C to USB Adapter for $12,939.95. No, really.

In other words, it has become clear that Amazon isn’t the all-conquering, price-beating juggernaut that many were expecting. Some prices are good, some are average and others are flat-out terrible.

With that said, there are still some impressive bargains on offer if you know how to find them. For example, you can snap up a Nintendo Switch for a very reasonable $399. That’s a good $50 or $60 cheaper than the average price in Australia.

We’ll be gathering up the best Amazon Australia bargains later in the day but if you can’t wait, here’s some advice to ensure you get the best deal:

Search for full product names under ‘relevance’
DON’T CLICK ON THE FIRST RESULT. Scroll down and click through multiple pages to find the best price.
Stick to a budget by using the Refine Price filter on the left-hand side of the site.
Compare the cheapest Amazon price to other outlets via Google Shopping.


What kind of moronic analysis is this? Amazon is absolutely an industry destroying machine. It just isn’t in this location on this day. Yeah I bet Gerry Harvey can sleep easy tonight knowing Amazon will surely fail now.


Yeah i think the author was seeking to take the opposite of every other article on Amazon out there.

The relevant point is really that you shouldn’t just go there and expect the best price automatically, you still need to shop around.


Underwhelming to say the least. I did some price checks and in every case I could find cheaper elsewhere. Our kids want home minis for Christmas so I searched for smart plugs and it came out with US versions.
It’s only the first day so can improve. It needs to.


Blurays and camera stuff is a bit meh price wise atm.


Harvey Norman’s ad spend is just about the only thing keeping either paper going- they tend to give him a pretty fair run accordingly.


Yeah I had a look. The external HD I got from officeworks for $99 was $108. Have been looking at iPads and again Officeworks price was better (they havn’t matched it).

Everything I looked at when compared on price was more expensive. I guess if your a new business hitting the ground with stupid cheap prices would flood a new distribution network that might need some time to hit its straps. The last thing they want is ‘Amazon delivery delay’ articles…