Andrew Gaff - RFA


Or conversely, losing Priddis and Mitchell, it would be less likely they’d trade now. Especially if he is out of contract in 2018, if WCE completely die in the ■■■■ and finish bottom 6 and they let him walk via Free Agency, they could get 1st round FA compo, which if after their first pick might be another pick in the top 6-7 in a reportedly stronger draft than if they trade him this year and receive a selection around 8-12 in a weaker draft.


Gaff is highly unlikely to get a contract that will award WCE a first round pick under FA.


The days of first rnd compo picks are nearly gone I reckon. The first rnd should be sacrosanct. AFL will make it so.



He’ll perform worse and his value will go down


Except for when northern clubs get to just jump into the first round for their academy players, obviously.


Obviously :triumph:


I think peoples assessments of gaff arwnt necessarily critcising him (some are onviously) but his skillset is not what we need at present.

If you put him in a midfield with myers, hepp and goddard, we will just repeat the mistakes of past, having way to much of the midfield incapabe or unwillingly to do the hard defensive stuff.

Gaff as a straight swap foe a coyler, myers etc then yes it kinda works out to out favour in some respects.

I dont rhink going forward though any team can really carry a midfeilder who does little defensively.
We just retired 2 off after a sustained pwriod of mediocrity cos of that aspect.



What are you talking about? He got his 25 touches last night, which is bang on with his career average in both home and away games, as well as his 11 finals games.

If you don’t like Gaff that’s perfectly fine, but to justify that by saying he goes missing in big games or is somehow inconsistent is just wrong. The truth is he’s remarkably consistent:

  • Averages 25 touches in home games;
  • Averages 25 touches in away games (an achievement seeing as how poorly WCE have been on the road for a while);
  • Averages 25 touches in finals games;
  • Third in B&F in 2016, won it in 2015, 4th in 2014, 8th in 2013, 5th in 2012


Not to mention, he was AA in 2015, and equal 4th in the Brownlow in 2016.

He would have been awfully close to making the AA squad this year.

He is one of the best gut runners in the game. Super consistent, super durable.

If he’s available, you get him. Simple as that.


Agree. Gaff is a model of consistency, and i think that in and of itself is worth something particularly to a team like ours that still has too many inconsistent performers. Gaff is clearly not the most damaging player going around, but having him charge up and down the wing every week getting his 25 touches week in, week out with metronome-like consistency would be an enormous upgrade on Colyer’s 15-touch, 12-fumble games that he turned out all year.


Why are all outside mids considered “down hill skiers”?!
Seriously, they clearly rely on their inside guys to get them then ball but are incredibly important ingredient in pursuit of a flag. Gaff is an elite runner and a beautiful user, perfect as we need one of those. If we can get him perhaps for next years first rounder that would be a great get.


Not all are considered that but you surely must show some defensive capabilities. Gaff refuses to lay a tackle, that should be a absolute non negotiable and when he hasn’t got the ball he jogs around disinterested. Some of his “chases” are pathetic. Every player on the team should be capable of running both ways


I think most outside players, especially those playing on the wing move into offensive positions to receive and if the ball goes the other way often get caught out until the move into their zone position. I must admit I haven’t noticed Gaff being terrible defensively perhaps it’s more how West Coast set up, he is clearly a designated kicking player so they would want him in space as often as possible.

Don’t get me wrong though, one way running midfields have been a constant at Essendon for far to long and if it’s a justifiable knock on Gaff as opposed to a tactic it would be a concern.



Early draft picks should only be used on acquiring young players under the age of say 24.

Players older than that, are perhaps half way through their career already (half used up), and they are so close to free agency that you just need to be disciplined and wait to get them that way, so that it doesn’t cost you any draft picks at all.


Don’t get blinded by stats…according to the AFL site, he went at 64% disposal efficiency and that’s probably being generous.
Him or Zaka…I’ll take Zaka thanks…he’s learned to work both ways and that’s

Yes…he got 25 possessions on Saturday night…did you bother watching the game and the number of times he butchered the ball.

Way too many people get caught up in statistics these days…well, those 25 possessions were at 64% efficiency…and that was probably generous.

I’m happy to agree to disagree…I just don’t rate him as a top tier player and really don’t think he would add a whole lot to our team…I respect your right to disagree with me


Yeah those BF winning (in their grand final year) all australian, gut running wingman going at around 70% effiency and averaging 25 p’s a game are absolutely not what we need here. And we don’t have to swap him for Zakka, we can have both and send fumbles Colyer to the twos or make him part of the trade. If we could get Gaff with next years first rounder or should we fail to tempt Stringer this years first - I’d gift wrap it and drive it over the Nullarbor myself.


Can i be Thelma?


If there are players available who are an upgrade on the incumbent in the same role i cant see why we wouldnt at least make a move on getting them

Gaff is a massive upgrade on colyer, not as quick but better in every other way i can think of


Pick 11 and 29, get it done.


Pick 11 would get it done