Andrew Gaff - RFA


Saints for pick 7 or 8.


I don’t think that would be enough. He’s an AA winger entering the prime of his career. Would we accept pick 11 for Zach? No (I know he’s not as good as Zach but he’s a jet).


He’s also out of contract and a FA next year, so unless someone throws crazy money at him its likely the best WCE could get is pick #19. So #11 this year or #19 next year.


Good point, however would the difference in draft position compensate them not having him on their list next year? Maybe.


It depends on what the strategy is. They’ve just lost Priddis and Mitchell, they may be thinking they need to do a min-rebuild. Or that 2018 is a lost cause. If they thought 2018 was a lost cause and Gaff is leaving then anyway, trading him now to start developing the next group together, get a lower 2018 pick, and get his replacement drafted this year makes sense.

I don’t know (of course) how they rate their list, or how they rate the chances of retaining Gaff post 2018 though.


Spot on.


Gaff is miles better than Myers, Colyer and Goddard and on current form better than Heppell. Gaff walks straight into our best side.


Asking too much. Reckon he might end up at North.


Are you saying North have finally hit the dartboard with their war chest?


I think they want to save themselves from embarrassment and get someone. They have the cash to pay 20-30% for Gaff than anyone else would.

Either them or Saints who both put plenty of $$ aside for Kelly.


But would they have the pick? Surely they won’t part with #4 even with a later pick exchange, but if all they offer is #20 then WCE may as well wait until next year for FA. Saints is more understandable, they could just hand over one of the two first rounders they have, possibly with later pick exchanges.


Is Gaff really the player we need anyway?

Yes he is good, but he will cost too much salary wise and trade wise.


More than Stringer in my view but I’d love them both.


Do you look like 1990 Geena Davis?


For what it’s worth.

My sister has known Gaff for years, and she asked him for me “Are you moving back to Melbourne?” and he told her, and I quote, “No. It’s all just bullshit rumours.”


Your sister is now the biggest news breaker in the business


We any chance?




If available he would good


Five Victorian clubs have signalled their interest in West Coast restricted free agent Andrew Gaff, according to the Herald Sun.

The clubs chasing Gaff have been named by the Herald Sun as Melbourne, St Kilda, North Melbourne, Essendon and Carlton.

The Kangaroos and Carlton have long been in the market for an elite midfielder, and Gaff certainly fits the bill, as well as the age bracket.

The 25-year-old is one of the AFL’s star midfielders, and has averaged at least 29 disposals per game each season since 2015.

Gaff is one of two star Eagles who could leave via free agency at season’s end, with defender Jeremy McGovern also out of contract.

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McGovern will likely command a deal worth at least $800,000, while West Coast have reportedly offered Gaff a deal worth over $750,000 a season to keep him in the west.

Gaff is in All-Australian form this season, averaging 30.3 disposals, 3.8 inside 50s, 3.9 clearances and 5.3 marks per game.