Andrew Gaff - RFA




Agreed. If we have a chance to add another elite midfielder to our list, why the fark not? Obviously the priority is an inside contested mid (cough Wines cough). But if there’s none available, go for the next best.


He’s good, but not what we need.


Hopefully Clarke forces a change in that priority by the end of the season.


In order of priority:

1 Wines (I get he is likely to stay at Port)
2 Gaff (Outside runner but we don’t even really have that right now. No signs his game will slow down in the next 3-4 years)
3 Sloane (Got a few miles on the clock. Age and now starting to get banged up)


Stop taking these two seriously. They know offering $8m x 4 years is a cheap way to get your name in the paper.


This guy works so hard and never misses targets. I am sure he is itching to join our midfield.


To eventually get essington’d


We need as many quality midfielders we can get in our diabolical midfield. He’s a gun. If available, get him


Agree on both counts.

Quality inside player first but if not available Gaff would improve us.

A guy that gets it 30 times and hit targets will help.


I wouldn’t put that much pressure on the kid who is debuting this week. We would still need another inside mid bull even if he reaches Clayton Oliver levels next year.


They are kinda like the smaller political parties, who can make up whatever policies they want, because they’ll never have to answer for them.

North: We’ve put forward a zillion dollar a year offer, over Infinity years…


you know our massive issue of winning contested ball in the midfield and clearances?

yeah lets get this winger instead.


And yet for all we bag North they are miles ahead of us as club currently


Myers and a third rounder


Yea I’d pass, we already have so many mids who run both ways and are actually elite at being midfielders. I’d be targeting more Flankers and in betweeners who could potentially push into the midfield one day


Hard to believe that for all the hate Zaharakis gets for defensive pressure around here, the same people wanna pay a truck load for Gaff. Granted he’s a good player, good disposal and would add midfield depth big time but hardly addresses our defensive deficiencies or clearance troubles. For what he’d cost…


Gaff is not really what we need but assuming we don’t have to use our 1st to get him then he would be an excellent addition.

Then use our top 2 picks on inside mids.


He’s a free agent so we wouldn’t be using anything other than a lot of salary cap space.


That’s good. I thought that Restricted FAs could matched.