Andrew Gaff - RFA




Not if the Eagles choose to match it which unless it’s something so unrealistic I think they will


what is he worth - if they match it?


Our first


We should destroy his young promising career like we’ve done Devon Smith’s.


Wonder if they would take next years first instead?


Reckon he is a big chance for The Brownlow.
Was 32 bucks a fortnight ago into 17’s.


Massive upgrade on Zaha


We’d do well to land the reigning Brownlow medalist from the reigning premiers when we finish 14th.

$80m over 25 years?


As good as Gaff is he is NOT a MASSIVE upgrade on zakka.

He is a better player. Before this year it was narrow. It slightly bigger. But you are being unfair on one of our most consistent mids the last 2 years.


Agreed and Zaka has improved his contested work significantly which doesn’t get enough credit on here. Gaff would be a good get though and we should certainly be having a crack.


He might not be a significant upgrade, but his kicking is super, he is younger, he is more durable (hasn’t played less than 20 games since his 1st season of 17) and anyway isn’t 2 Elite Outside Mids better than 1??


As long as Carlscum don’t get him. I want them to suffer down the bottom of the ladder for eternity.


Likelihood of Gaffs club next year as I see it

50% west coast next year
40% Melbourne demons
5% essendon
5% other


Melbourne brought in Lever and is still paying some of Watts salary. Surely they’d struggle to fit in Gaff?


Would depend on his girth, but I think the Dees would be up for it


I’d expect North and Saints to come hard, both have plenty in the coffers


Anyone going to St Kilda has already won a flag and is going for the dough.

Or is pretty ordinary.


Or their name is Jake Carlisle