Andrew Gaff - RFA


I’d suspect the demons supporters would be saying bombers got Saad, Stringer and Smith last year surely they don’t have the cap space???

Gaff is the kind of player they need.

Gaff is also a big demons fan.

If he leaves I’m very confident it would be there.


Yeah reckon Melbourne if Gaff leaves,Melbourne have been trying to get him for years.


Yeah…well Prestia was a big Demons fan and Tyson a big Tigers fan. Means very little.


Time will tell


We have enough cap to get a decent free agent. Worst case scenario we shed some unwanted contracts.


Geez, surely you take $750 in a great team over 1mil in a cellar dwelling team?


Judd was a Demons fan too…


Yes but wouldn’t you say demons look like an attractive option at this moment in time?

They haven’t looked attractive for the last decade.


Judd was a dollars man, fan.


They are my second team…




North having a go.



Has anyone mentioned the fact that Worsfold coached him for the first 3 years of his career?

If Gaff and Woosha got on well, it might give us a head start over Melbourne.


This is a good point, however, I suspect if he does decide to come home, the club offering the biggest contract will be the one that wins out.


Isn’t Zaka one of his best mates?


You are thinking of Luke Shuey


Ah okay, thanks


zaka dated shuey’s sister.

they were/are best mates.

kind of a tragic story.


Prolly why Zaka can’t get in the leadership group, doesn’t even get Bro Code.