Another Mass Shooting, (Just Another Day) in America

THIS! Imagine if it was a Mullah from the Middle East saying something similar about US and its policies in the region.


Whoa. That’s wet brain and looks like recently had his teeth knocked out. Celebrations at the local dive went a bit south I’m guessing after too many shots were bought in his sons honour. Nolte or Rooney to play him in the film


You’ve got to go full pelt to stop these massacres and this way out of control culture Joe. Ban them all … face down the states and the NRA and write yourself into a piece of American history.

Go Joe …

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Jeeze thats the face of a father who definitely doesnt beat his kid for being gay to hide his own insecurity about being gay, causing his kid to resent his sexuality and taking his pent up anger out on his local gay community. Definitely not.


More nice people in America.

I’m speechless. Based on that woman’s interview there is no evidence that she is Christian either. Maybe she should spend some time on self reflection and less time reading the bible.


Blokes got more wrinkles on his forehead than his brain.

Looks more like he’s been on the glass bbq to me.


That too. Wouldn’t be much from the lower shelves that man hasn’t put in himself

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So are the kids killed in multiple school shootings also ‘reaping the consequences of eternal damnation’ too? :confused:

She needs to be put on a watchlist. Al Qaeda-esque religious extremism. If she were Arab and had a beard she’d be in Guantanamo by now.


She was Senior Counsel to Trump while president, a current media personality.
I suspect her views are widely accepted by many americans.

Many Americans should probably forcibly reside at Guantanamo.


It sickens me this keeps happening in Colorado. We’ve had more than our fair share of these, especially some of the more noteworthy.

It happens as we’ve been becoming bluer and bluer. Almost as if the red hat brigade is losing control and aren’t happy about it.


It’ll eventually happen Stealthy.
As more urbanites have to move from the larger population centers due to housing affordability issues, they will bring hopefully a less radical and more balanced nuance to these electorates.
At least our kids will hopefully be spared the idiocy.

Love how there problem to fix gun violence is "we need more guns"rofl

You cant drink alcohol at 18 but you can legal own an assault rifle

■■■■ me what a retarterd country


One of the darkest Onion pieces I’ve ever seen… 14 years ago but sadly prescient, especially considering all the rhetoric currently flying around the Springs shooter.

… “This bill will create the pause we need in the current trend of purchasing old power plants in New York for corporate profits and allow us to properly evaluate the impact of this industry on our climate goals before it’s too late,” said Assemblymember Anna Kelles, who sponsored the bill. The state Legislature passed it in early June.

Statewide, the law covers about 50 abandoned fossil fuel power plants potentially at risk of being purchased and restored. Combined, these facilities could add about 18 million metric tons of carbon dioxide and methane into the air, according to Anthony Ingraffea, an engineering professor at Cornell University. …

Just a reminder.

Scott Morrison and the LNP quietly encourage these ridiculous views against minority groups in our community. So do a lot of the mainstream media in this country.

If you vote for them, or consume their ■■■■■■ products, you effectively endorse this sort of extremism.