Another Mass Shooting, (Just Another Day) in America

HA, Good luck with that California. You can’t change an Ammendment.

What was it? The 19th amendment bringing in Prohibition?

Did that get amended or just revoked?

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If you research a little bit, you will find out that there are currently 27 amendments to the US Constitution.

Newsom is proposing a 28th, and therefore, new amendment.

He needs 38 states to agree.

My thoughts and prayers are with him.

Democrats and Republicans agree on little when it comes to gun ownership and gun policies, according to the report released Wednesday. Seventy-nine percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents surveyed said they believe that gun ownership increases safety; nearly the same percentage of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents said the opposite. Only one policy proposal, restrictions on gun purchases for people with mental illnesses, received bipartisan support in the Pew study.

Wouldn’t this apply to a vast majority of people in the USA?



Thanks for that Jim Jefferies!

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I started to yell then I lost voice.

Wish I was half as funny.

Must laugh i want him to do another speical so he can rip the US goverment about thie gun laws again.

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Jefferies says he always knows when there is another mass shooting in the US because he gets notifications that his Youtube clip is trending again. Quite depressing, really.


Just gets worse

9 shot in downtown Cleveland. No suspect in custody.

White supremist goes shooting in Florida, kills 3. Ron and the GOP nurture these folk.

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The last para was the best part

“The team announced after the game that a previously scheduled concert with Vanilla Ice, Rob Base and Tone Loc had been canceled due to “technical issues.” “

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20+ dead, 60+ wounded - unverified source

It resonates more if there are kids affected, particularly if a school is targeted, even more if it is a primary school.