ANZAC Day build up and changes


We beat them twice last season (with Wells, with Elliott and whoever else you want to throw at me)

I’m the most pessimist ■■■■■■■ on the planet but I don’t think we’re getting belted in this one.

Genuine 50/50 game.


All ■■■■ taking aside I’m very confident. Aint no way they bring that ■■■■ from the crows game to weeks in a row


They are really lacking in the key defenders dept. the pies. With Reid as a forward particularly.
Joe, Stewart and Stringer all have the opportunity for big games. Especially Joe.


i guess but then you have melbourne and richmond on 3 day breaks which wouldnt be feasible either.

I am not sure to be honest. I wouldnt be using it as an excuse.


Break even in midfield and we win. Dominate the midfield and we win well


The way they can beat us is with superior run.

We don’t have a lot at VFL level to respond to that, do we? Maybe just Jerrett, and he played poorly by all reports…


Did you not read my post? I addressed what would have to happen with Melbourne and Richmond and the Anzac Eve game. It would be a round 5 game. No 3 day break necessary.


■■■■■■ hell, media has gone lid off on Collingwood. Not sure of their past history with this - do they get ahead of themselves and stink it up?

Also, apparently Grundy is now being compared to Stynes. Ffs!



Give us something to chase and smash.


Grundy and Sidebottom are in unbelievable form. That much is undeniable, that’s not just media froth.


yeah well, i haven’t watched any of their games so they’re not.


Big game
Against a rival who’s in great form

Essendon lift for these type of games won’t fase us imo.


Agreed it’s good, … won’t take them easy, and it puts all the hype on them, not us.


If I understand correctly, that would severely disadvantage tigers and demons the following week. They’d be playing off a four day break against teams playing on a seven day break


My old man is a Collingwood supporter so I see a bit of them.
He’s the type of supporter who comes up with a million reasons, or more like ‘disclaimers’, as to why “you blokes will roll us.”

“Daniher will come good against us,” “Stephenson can’t play that well 2 weeks in a row”, “you should see our injury list” etc etc.
He’s got to work early this time around smashing out these kind of statements! Lol


Not get completely dominated in the middle & we can win, break reasonably even in the midfield & we win well. We haven’t dominated in the middle against anyone since the Y2K bug.


No, a 5 day break (play Tuesday, Anzac eve, then following Sunday).
Doesn’t anybody read the original post? I laid it all out, how it would work for Essendon, Collingwood, Melbourne and Richmond - post #141 in this thread.


Sorry, went back to the original post.

You can’t say the solution to Melbourne having an extra night over us is for Melbourne to have two less nights against someone else the week after.

Two Friday nights and two Monday nights can’t be done due to TV rights. The reality is we shouldn’t complain. There’s 16 other teams that will gladly play off four day breaks in exchange for this game.

The only realistic alternative I see is for us to have an early bye like GC and power. Not sure that’s a great option either.


Dangerous tackle is a crock. It’s contact sport. Don’t give me this nebulous craap about possibly injuring somebody, that’s the whole freaking point.


No it’s not. It’s about getting the ball back