ANZAC Day build up and changes


Yeah fair point but I reckon softening up the opposition really helps with the overall team performance.


You are 100% correct with your post - It’s poor scheduling by the AFL.


Are the following players all out for Collingwood?


With Fasolo unlikely?

Because if that’s the case, it’ll all come down to whether we’re hungry enough to bring the pressure and intensity again.

Grundy is flying but aside from a poor game against the Dogs, T-Bell has been really solid this year as well.

See if we can limit Sidebottom & Pendlebury and if we can get it inside 50 quickly enough, we have the firepower to worry a weak Collingwood backline.

No changes for mine - give blokes like Ambrose, Leuenberger, Langford, Brown, etc a go against Melbourne on the short break.


Adams is a chance to play, I think.


I’m not scared of Elliott, or Adams, or Wells.

I’m scared of some guy I’ve never flaming heard of. I don’t even know who it is, but he will rip us a new one.


No he wouldn’t.
McKernan would get smashed.
He matches up less ■■■■ on the big lumberers like McEvoy where he can work them over around the ground but gets hammered by the more mobile guys like Martin or Grundy. See the Rnd 2 game in Brisbane last year when Stef Martin single handedly dragged them back into the game from 7 goals down.
He would get an absolute hiding.


sometimes I wonder if Nino actually watches any footy at all. And then I read posts like that and it’s confirmed.


We really better win this one because we won’t be a chance in hell on the Sunday afterwards. Too short a break, that’s the price when you have to play these Wednesday ones.


No home game for us.


Not to mention the Dees coming off their Anzac Eve belting and the subsequent blowtorch…

But at least it’s at Etihad and Melbourne are no less putridly inconsistent and fragile than us. Could be a bit of a cripple fight.


Adams & Elliot both did hammies only a week ago. I’d say no chance.

Wells only had his 1st game back from injury on weekend. Moore & Greenwood still a while off.

Fasolo seems to be getting tough love from Bucks to carry 2’s form from what he said during week.

Pies will go in unchanged I expect after that Crows win. We likely will too IMO

Pies will be favourites also which suits me


The team we took into the Melbourne game last year is vastly different to who we’ll name this year.
Even with selections based on the short turnaround.
Melbourne lost talls due to injury last year and…either through choice or necessity we decided to go small, too.
Stewart, Hartley and Ambrose didn’t play. Likely one of them was injured, but Stewart wasn’t.
I think Stewart may have debuted the next week?

We went in with Daniher, Hooker, Brown, Dea, Hurley and Bellchambers.

Also named were Colyer, Howlett, McNeice and Watson.


Watched a bit of the Crows/Pies on Friday night, super impressive performance from Collingwood, one right out of the box.
They obliterated the Crows in the contest, absolutely annihilated them. Won contested possession by 35, tackles by 10 and clearances by 23. It was as one sided a domination of a midfield as you’d see. But most impressive was Collingwood’s ball movement and spread away from stoppage in tricky conditions. They flicked the ball around by hand until they found the exit from the stoppage and overlap run. They were super clean in the wet, cleaner than you’d expect and I reckon this is in part to do with Adelaide’s lamentable pressure (read: non existent). I am confident based on what we saw on Sunday that we’ll do better than the Crows in this area and that’s going to be critical to our backline’s ability to set up and intercept/disrupt the Pies F50 entries. If there’s no pressure, their mobile forwards and mids will cut us to ribbons inside F50.
We’re gonna have to go to school on their stoppage structure and exits and hope TBell can provide a solid contest against Grundy in the ruck. It’s gonna be a tough ask against the form ruckman of the comp. Needs to get forward and hurt him the other way as well, cause you can be damn sure Grundy will do the same whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Looking like a great match up, which wasn’t looking the case as little as 2 weeks ago.


I still question the Pies form based on the weather in Adelaide.

Conditions like that can throw up unusual results.


Probably went in too tall for conditions, Pies had a short backline and were running it out easily.

Also no Matt Crouch and Sloane seemingly hampered meant not winning it inside. And then got belted on the outside.

Pies however do have a gamestyle that hurts them. Even last year when Crows were in top form Pies they put a huge gap on them (was reeled in for the draw)


Baguley Ambrose Brown
Kelly Hurley McNeice
Heppell Zerrett Parish
Green Daniher Francis
Tippa Hooker Fantasia

Leuenberger Watson Stanton

Colyer Zaharakis McGrath Goddard

At least 9 changes, just on injuries/retirements. Probably 13 carry over. Albeit a few have switched positions.
So yes. Different. Which is good, because it was that game that made me put a line through about 6.


That’s the Collingwood line-up, yes.

Luenberger is interesting.
I can’t imagine we’d rest T-Bell against Melbourne, but you never know.


Collingwood played well but this is a shell of Adelaide last year.


I wouldn’t want Myers, Bellchambers or Hooker backing up against the Ds, unless 5 other players pull up sore. Ambrose, Leuy and Langford will provide more run over 4 quarters and the risk of injury is reduced. It also gives us a better chance the following week.


Myers and Bellcho sure, but I’d love a Hooker to back up against the D.

I reckon you’re right, rest 3 or 4. Bellcho and Myers the obvious two.