ANZAC Day build up and changes


There is always a first time!!!


No, lets be realistic, TBells problems are with mobile rucks around the ground. SMack is mobile thats for surebut his head is about 4cm lower than Grundy and his reach is about 12cm shorter than Grundy. Thats not good. SMACK will wear himself out jumping to be competitive.
Berger probably is more mobile than TBell, but I have not seen him play for a year. We have to plan for the Melbourne game 4 days later. Both games are worth 4 points so I think we are better to split the games between Berger and TBell.


Yep, there were extenuating circumstances.

Similar with our victory over Port in a lot of respects.

Should be a good match.






If we can get 60% of the inside 50s we will smash them, We really should restrict them to 75 points.


McNurnan would be no chance at all against Grundy, neither in the ruck nor around the ground. Stewart would have more chance, and give away less free kicks.


Today we find out how they pulled up from the game. We played quite a physical game against Port. How bad is Saads corky, will 10 days be enough to recover ? If not we lose a lot of speed from the side.


Played out the game so you’d hope it’s not that bad.


Can BJ recover in 4 days ? I dont think so.


Hope so. Durable as; back him in


Possibly not. But equally, he’s a professional and knows exactly what he needs to do with his body re: recovery and preparation so wouldn’t put it completely beyond him.

Let’s get through next Wednesday first though…


Ambrose got reported in VFL I think.


Probably the biggest ANZAC day in recent memory in terms of form going into it. Not at all confident, but hoping for a big win, and the same pressure we brought to port.


I think there were question marks over Stewart also.


yep. ankle late.


Problem is, Anzac day is huge and gets a lot of attention, but the game 4 days after it is also worth 4 premiership points


Build up is gonna be massive.


Ambrose now unavailable (if not mentioned above). Suspended in the VFL for dangerous tackle. Out 2 weeks (or 1 with guilty plea). As a result, I don’t see any changes to the side. No one made a strong enough claim from the VFL and one could argue everyone did enough in the seniors to stay in.


Going into 2013 we were 4-0 including a round 1 win in Adelaide, the Melbourne annihilation and that Fremantle game.

Pies were 3-1 having only lost to reigning premiers Hawthorn.