ANZAC Day build up and changes


10 goal loss


Can anyone explain why Anzac Day is a round 5 game and not a round 6 game?
We have a 10 day break leading into Anzac Day, then a 4 day break to Melbourne and then 6 days to Hawthorn.
That is too big an ask and cripples our ability to play to our best against both Melbourne and Hawthorn. It is said that Melbourne playing Anzac Eve removes the problem, but it doesn’t. They will have had a night’s sleep and a day’s recovery before our game finishes on Anzac Day. That is a big advantage when you are talking 4 days versus best part of 5.

Why wasn’t Anzac Day scheduled as a round 6 game, with us playing anyone you like next weekend (Sat, or preferably even Fri if they were prepared to play 2 Friday night games to give Collingwood the same break, leading into Anzac Day)?
Both teams would get an equal short break leading into Anzac Day, then a long break to recover.

Melbourne v Richmond Anzac Eve could remains a rd 5 game. Both teams would get a long 9 day break leading in, and then a short 5 day break before playing their rd 6 game the following Sunday against opponents who had a 7 day break. if that is unfair on Richmond and Melbourne, then your back up would be 2 Monday night games for them in Rd 6, giving them both 6 day breaks after Anzac Eve.


Could go to Begley or Stringer.


Why is the ANZAC Day game played on ANZAC Day?


I very much doubt it. He doesn’t have the pace, anyway.


To annoy soccer fans.

Isn’t that enough reason for anything?


U wut bro?




Going to be a sunny day for a change


Sensing a closing game, and JOE for whatever reason unattended around 70m out near the boundary, the ball gets to him and he takes off and sinks it from 60m on the run to put us infront with a minute to go.


You under estimate them. They are in great form. This will be our toughest game of the season.


Sorry CJ - this comment was a facetious dig at the undermining\dismissing of any positive performances. ie - Essendon didn;t really win, the other team just played poorly.


Out- Begley


You’re unusually optimistically :smiley:


if it was a round 6 game we would have to play either with a 5 or 4 day break leading in.

you cant get around a short break.

i actually think we wont feel the real pinch until hawthorn after. we play 3 games in 10 days


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I don’t understand the Ambrose love


McKernan would possibly give away 45 frees against a dominant ruckman like Grundy.


I don’t understand why you don’t understand, …?