ANZAC Day - tickets still available!

I was wondering if anyone on the Blitz community were in a position to help me out with something. My good friend and I are Bomber members and have been for years, so we should have no problem getting a ticket when it becomes accessible this Monday morning. But we have a friend who really wants to experience their first ANZAC day match but doesn’t have a membership (he lives overseas). Naturally, we would love to buy 3 tickets so that we can all sit together.

Does anyone on Blitz have a membership but can’t get to the game? Is their a generous soul out there who would be willing to lend it to us? By that I mean is it possible I could use your member barcode when purchasing the third ticket on ticketek so that we can all sit together?

I can remunerate you monetarily or I have a free AFL Live App Season Pass voucher code to give away (value $89.99). Whichever you would prefer.

A bit random I know, but any help is much appreciated. Ta!!

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Happy to help if I can. We have reserved seats so you should be able to use our barcode to buy a ticket online.


I can help also. Member barcode at the ready for anyone who needs it.

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Really?? That would be appreciated greatly Darli. Very kind.

As long as you never intended on using it yourself of course.

Thanks for putting your hand up to help Catherine :slight_smile:

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Katie might be able to confirm but I think I can use my membership to purchase an extra seat?

If so I’m happy to do so. Send me a pm if you need.

Don’t quote me on this, so best to check with membership, but i think it’s 1:1 for anzac day seats with a membership…

(I’ll check on monday, but it may be too late.)

I checked with membership on twitter and it seems my barcode is linked to my seat so I can’t have another one … over to you Katie!

I thought you could buy full priced tickets at the same time? Is that not correct. I was going to but three members seats and one non members. Can’t I do that?

The club told me I could buy multiple tickets with my one membership (6game Flexi)

I used to buy two memberships so I could buy 2 Anzac Day tickets. That’s no longer the case. The club said I could buy multiple tickets for Anzac Day on one membership

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Just confirmed with someone at the club, up to 8 tickets per barcode depending on availability


Geez really? If that’s the case, happy days!!
I’m surprised they would allow that tbh but not complaining.

Thanks mate.

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It won’t surprise me if this gets awfully frustrating on Monday.

I have heard both that it is 1 ticket per membership, and that it is up to 8 per membership. Both apparently from the club.

Good luck… we’ll find out on the day.

Darli and Katie have been enormously generous with offering to help but as they have reserve seats rather than a flexi membership (i.e. a general admin 6 game flexi) I can’t use their barcode to buy for my third person to sit with us.

Does anyone out their in Blitz land have a flexi membership that can’t get to the game?

I would be so appreciative and as I mentioned in the opening post I can remunerate you or give you an AFL app Live Stream annual pass. Whichever you like.



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He must have one, or wouldn’t be eligable for mems pre sale.
Getting the extra on it,seems the issue.

HD, I have a flexi membership that you can use, I can’t go to the game, so more than happy for you to use my membership number etc. if that would help at all. Just let me know what I have to do.


There are conflicting reports about this though.

I’d hate to try to buy the tickets on Monday on ticketek and they say there that it is 1 ticket per member.

AFL online ticketing has not exactly engendered a lot faith in me from past experiences!!

Thanks heaps BM, you’re a gem. I’ll PM you.

just had a look at the back of my membership card - 2017 Adult Flexi 3 Games; Access to 3 home games (excluding ANZAC Day), so not sure if this can help you. Here is my number anyway if you need it: number deleted

Hope that helps, also hope your friend has an awesome time