Anzac Day Tickets


Greetings all. Yes Another poster grovelling for a single ticket. If anyone has one floating around - Happy to pay handsomely, PM me thx!


I know it’s super late but in need of tiks.

Need 3-4 but will happily accept just the one. Cheers in advance


I’m considering letting mine go. Not really happy with the location of the seat, row R on top deck of southern stand, I guess I could stand behind seating area on level one if needbe. Gave my old man my high mark seat on level 2A. Spewing. Only problem is if I let my current seat go, it likely means no game as it’s a sell out and I don’t have MCC. Only missed one of these games since 1995 which was 2008 due to being on honeymoon.


Give us a shout if you elect not to go and want to sell your ticket! I’m spewing I didn’t get organised sooner!


Geez you’re bit fussy Mr sunbury, I’ve sat up there quite regularly, half way to the back and the view of the entire ground is good.

Bit of a birds eye view I get but hardly worth ditching and not going at all over.

If you had row EE then I could probably understand, id still go though and find a spot in standing room.



Mr Sunbury…
1.Borrow your folks 30yo binoculars.
2.Focus on the centre square and in particular No.9.


Third party sellers and Gumtree adverts now in full swing… One group ‘Supatix’ have a $149 package which includes a pregame function at the Royal Saxon for 3 hours… Wondering how legitimate they are and whether to pay the premium. Another guy selling a single seat on the wing level 1 for $250!


Not used to sitting up with the clouds Stallion, I’m very much a level 1-3 guy. Top deck is ok in first half dozen rows but I do battle to see well beyond that and if I can’t see it well, there’s not much point. I’m 50/50 whether I will go at this point in time.


Has it sold out now?




A little off topic but does anyone know if there is a captains run tomorrow?
I missed out on tickets so will try get to a training instead.


M17 RowT seat2 I’m excited


It’s like they heard you!


Centre square, in font of tv with leisurable access to fridge, finger food, hot goods and loads of coldies all under cover.
Ticket price…An Essendon Anzac Day win?


Any chance you can hold into some some of those limited quantities and flog them off @ the GC game in July?


Only @ the cricket in India.:wink:


Geez sunbury, dont be like Aceman and be an elitetist.


I’ve got 3rd row top deck behind the goals. It’s my favourite place to sit.


Hey, I’m on level 2 with the rest of the unwashed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not in a SuperBox, on your salary ?
C’mon dude…