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I’m in the same boat. Have had the 6S plus for the last 2 years and loved the battery life etc. Looking at upgrading at the end of the year if the 8 is any good. New iOS update is slick.


Never had an issue with the size, I have large hands so feel it’s to scale, everything I see that’s smaller looks weeny.


C’mon mate, no need to brag :slight_smile:


Assumed iOS 11 would run like a dog’s breakfast on my 6plus but has held up well.


Got the 8Plus over the weekend. Quick thoughts:

  1. Got used to the size VERY quickly. I choose a slim case and frankly, it helped a lot with the transition.
  2. The camera is AMAZING. I thought my 6S was pretty kick ■■■ for a phone but the 8Plus blows it away. The colors are richer. Details are crisper. And the shooting in low light is fantastic. The Portrait mode is breathtaking (along with the ability to edit / re-edit the lighting effects).
  3. To my untrained eye the phone isn’t noticeably faster than my 6S (which was fast enough for me).
  4. Battery life as one would expect is much better than the 6S.
  5. Since I have it in a case I can’t comment much on the glass back. Suffice to say, even without a case it felt comfortably “sticky” unlike the metal back of my 6S (I was always paranoid it would slip out of my hand without a case).


New Apple watch goes Dick_Tracy. Thoughts?


Same here. It actually feels a bit faster, but that may just be my active imagination.

On the other hand the battery life seems to be getting shorter.


Does anyone know the best supplementary charger for a 6S? Ideally it would take the form of a case for the phone, and if my phone was getting low all I would have to do is put it in the case and it would immediately give extra battery life. And it would at least double, preferably triple, the life. And not be too bulky


I know there are Mophie cases which do this, but the problem there is that a change in the shape of the phone means the Mophie is now useless.

I moved to a Cygnett which is an external beast holding charge. You then charge your phone with a USB charging cable, as if you’re charging through the power point.

I know the Cygnetts are much smaller now.

Sounds like you’d prefer something like a Mophie, but be warned about phone upgrades. And if you buy a Mophie, buy it from an approved Apple reseller. The lightning connection must be approved or just won’t work.


Thanks. Will investigate


Bumpity bump bump.

Anyone had trouble restoring a 6s backup to a new 8? it’s been an absolute clusterfark. keeps either hanging and doing nothing, or says the phone is locked when it clearly isn’t. i’ve restored a few iphones in the past, but this one sucks. one did run, but nothing transferred over.

i’ve updated ios on both phones, itunes up to date, reset rinse and repeat. so frustrating…


Exact same thing happened to my wife. Here is what worked:

  • Locate your old 6S backups on your computer and DELETE them (for safety you may want to save them to an external drive BEFORE deleting).
  • Update your 6S to the latest iOS version (and make sure your new 8 is on the same iOS version)
  • Create a new backup of your 6S
  • Use this new backup to update your new phone

Good luck! It really ■■■■■■ me off spending over 4 hours to get my wife’s new phone to work!


cheers! i haven’t tried wiping the 6s backup, i’ll give that a go tonight!

didn’t help that my wife had never backed up her 6s, and had about 30mb of free space left on it. :man_facepalming:


I don’t recall having any issues at all.


I also didn’t have any problems, but that’s because I decided to keep my 6S and not upgrade. After looking at an 8Plus I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I’ll take advantage of the cheap changeover battery sometime soon, but really the 6S does everything I want. I know there are lots of differences between a 6S and an 8Plus, but apart from the screen size they wouldn’t really improve anything much for me.


When i smashed my screen on my 6 over christmas and got it replaced, repair guy said battery will probably only last another 6 months as it had a swollen battery.
My battery life has been pretty crappy, seems to be on charge at work most of the day then overnight as well.


Mine’s okay. I don’t think it lasts quite as long as it used to but it’s nothing major. I got a couple of apps that are supposed to assess battery health and they say it’s pretty good. I’ll get a new battery mostly as a precaution.


After spending the last month in sweaty SE Asia (well, except for a few pockets that have had the decency to acknowledge it is the depths of winter)… I am quite happy to move from fingerprint to facial identification. So annoying failing three times and then entering the code.


“Battery Life” is a decent app to test battery strength. My 6 battery was very worn down before I replaced it prior to this trip.


Why on earth would @theDJR have a worn out battery on his phone?

Hard to imagine.