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wiping the old backup did the trick.

Thanks DM!


Nice! Glad that worked mate.


Looks like a refresh coming up for MacBook Pro this week.

Just in time for EOFY, and my 2010 model in its last legs.


I’m sick and tired of being asked for my Apple ID password every 5 minutes, and being constantly hounded to switch to 2 factor authentication. Not to mention another update every time I go to the desktop


That iCloud keychain thing?

An absolute mess, like everything else to do with iCloud.


I get locked out of my iCloud everytime I refuse to enter the password on the MacBook air every 4 months when I check if it still works


spare a thought for smythy if he used iCloud


Spare a thought for the apple genius that’s have to deal with him


My wife had the great fortune many years ago to snag *firstname" Fortune turned to burdon as her email is constantly misused by mornons, spammed by charlatans and contacted by children and the elderly.

Her inbox daily can reach into the 100’s. Her icloud account is locked DAILY, multiple times daily because of the misuse from others. iChat is now disabled as to the random calls she would get throughout the day and night.

We’ve contacted apple many times in the first year of these issues. Apples response, sign up for a new email address. Pathetic. And typical to be fair from them.

Surely there must be a better way of protecting accounts from being locked. Banning IP’s to specific email address’s for multiple abuses should be Apples first response, instead it’s lock the victims account.

I wonder is steve jobs account got locked every time someone tried to log into [email protected]. I somewhat doubt it.


I have an apple laptop and an iPhone, and I don’t use iCloud at all. Google Drive all the way.


Doesn’t 2factor protect against this?


Oh for sure. It’s just my good sounding email is like above. [email protected] works well because I cbf changing so many email names from that stupid one you make in highschool


I haven’t had any problems at all with iCloud for about 3 years. Earlydoors it struggled with database apps . Don’t know why s10 is getting asked for his password. I only get asked if you’d expect to be asked…new apps etc. Never on updates.

And it links the iPhone, iMac and iPad together perfectly.


Contact apple. Mrs Doe did it for an iTunes issue and they fixed it.

you can do online chat or phone them. (61) 1-300-365-083


Doesn’t seem to, my wife remembers her recovery key by heart now.


You have to own up, now.

I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t have 69 in it.


[email protected]


This is my dubious face.

And I’m in no position to judge.


Mrs P keeps having the same thing recur about every 3-6 months.

The “keychain” ■■■■■ itself, so every piece of software that uses it - most things with a password - also ■■■■■ itself.
The solution last time was go onto, reset some password on there (has to be a new one every time), then about an hour later it updates your keychain.


I always thought of you as more of a Number Two.