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Only when out jogging.


Since whenever it started, my keychain has been remarkably robust.

This assertion may of course change when i rebuild the new computer off my Time Machine backup. Due next week.




Then I don’t know what she and Shelton are doing that you’re not. It’s apple, as you keep telling us, it just works

When it first started, we googled a bit, a fair few people have had the same issue, but it doesn’t seem super widespread.

Main problem is it can take literally hours, sometimes a day to update from one device to another.

Running iCloud on windows has been pretty seamless.


Now we know you’re talking ■■■■!


I think I’ve had 2 crippling issues.

One OS update failed dismally. Guy at the Genius Bar wiped the machine for me to restore from Time Capsule. That simply can’t restore the Parallels partition properly so my 2 Windows programs were gone.

Another OS update didn’t cater properly for computers from 2011. Spoke to a few Apple people here and the US without success. Luckily the techie at the Warrnambool Apple reseller had read something about it, and said that even though the screen is black, enter your password anyway and it’ll work…which it did. Contacted Apple again and they fixed that flaw.

But regarding Keychain, just nothing special.


Use Bitwarden for password management. I’m just setting it up and it’s awesome. Android supports it at the OS level too (not sure about iOS, I guess not?).

Heard 1Password is the best but Bitwarden is free


FWIW, Dashlane is better than 1Password - it has free and paid options.


Dolby Atmos coming to the Apple TV4K with tvOS 12. Stoked. Complementing the already available Dolby Vision and 4K HDR. Streaming really coming of age.


keepass is the best tbh, its audited publicly but takes a lot of managing it yourself.

the options above are probably better for most people though.

1password is wank after they changed their pay model.

also was exposed to a security vulnerability last year.


Bitwarden is open source and audited publicly too?


Last i checked (months ago) it wasn’t.


It appears as if there might be Keychain issues if using FileVault, which I believe encrypts data.

I never use FileVault, so that might explain things.


1Password is great and I have no idea what’s wrong with their business model?


For those who paid up front it’s a bit annoying they later switched to a subscription model.


Eh. Everything’s a subscription now.


Anybody know much in detail about an iPhone SE 2?
Have read a lot of rumours floating around but nothing more


New iPhones break the 2k barrier. That’s getting into MacBook Pro territory. Crazy pricing.


theyre doubling down big time with their pricing.

I cant fathom buying a phone that expensive… 2k is like… beastly computer/ holiday to a cheapass country territory


It seems like only a few years ago a 1k phone was expensive. What do we get that’s worth double that now?