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I guess at least at 2k I’ll have the very basic option of expanding my storage via an inexpensive SD card tho.

So that’s good.


Yep a Phone worth more than my car, hmmm no thanks.

I have new another iphone 6 in the draw for when mine dies.

Cheapest option will still be like $1200 ish


Povvos…waiting for my year of the 8 Plus to be up to upgrade to the XS. Might even get me an iWatch too, now that they’re approaching peak functionality.

Just got to go and dust off my Steve Jobs bust that sits next to the Steve Wozniak one. A bit more bronze went into the Woz one. Back soon.




My thoughts on Steve Jobs are aligned with those of Bill Burr.

Thoughts @Paul_Peos?


“Jesus…Ghandi… me!”


I’ve still got a 6s. I had the battery replaced a few months ago which was a huge improvement, and I really can’t think of a reason to get a new phone. I use mine quite a lot, but not for gaming or anything that tests the limits of what it can do. I wouldn’t mind a larger screen, but I really would like a much larger one, so the thing I’m thinking of is not a new phone but an iPad Pro with the 12.9” screen. Or — sacrilege!!! — possibly a Surface Pro. Especially if you can get a keyboard for it that can be used with the tablet in Portrait orientation and a full version of Word.


I get the annual Office365 subscription that gives you full Excel, Word and others i never use. Costs about $120 and gives you licences on 5 devices. I have it on the iMac, the iPad and the iPhone. There’s no way in the world i’d go back to Windows. Refamiliarising myself with it on the old man’s computer and it still sucks.


I think the surface Pros are great if you want something for productivity… if you want just a nice simple tablet that you can sit down on the couch with and easily use id defs go ipad…


The important thing for me is portait orientation. I do a lot of work on documents, and it’s really not the best even on a laptop because you can’t see the whole page. But a 12.9” screen in portrait mode would be great. Plus I want to use quite a few of the Word features, so I need the full version, which I don’t think you can get for IOS. I may be wrong.


I think you are wrong on Word. As far as i know, these are the full versions.

I must admit it’s easier to set them up on the iMac and then use the settings on the smaller devices.

Eg Freeze Panes on Excel…but that just may be that I haven’t bothered to find out how.


there are full versions im pretty sure… have you tried google docs? works pretty great on iOS and unless youre really in need of some real complex word features itd probably have you covered


Excel for Mac sucks. Much slower than the Windows version and limited scripting ability. Bad enough I use an emulated Excel over the native version for anything of significance.


This isn’t the old Excel for Mac version…it’s Office365. For what I use it, which isn’t exactly industrial strength, it’s perfectly fine. Don’t use macros, but I have a spreadsheet I’m using for my dad’s estate handling with about 10 cross-referenced worksheets.




When are they going to release the $5000 model?



If there is one over riding thing apple love, it’s money.
Lot’s of money.
Other peoples money.


They’re a business. What do you expect?


Maybe slightly less naked greed.
No objection to making a profit.
But there is profit … and then there is what apple do


The price is determined by what people are prepared to pay.