Apple's Latest


They look ■■■■ and no non phablet version is ■■■■


Updated both devices to iOS12 yesterday, plus the Apple TV.

Seems to have gone pretty seamlessly except they made a change to the virtual keyboard that’s annoying.

Can’t wait to get into those personalised emojis.

New version of OSX available next Tuesday our time. Mojave I think.


Cloud storage doesn’t necessarily suit everyone.


I think you can save and use it all offline now


Anyone bought an iPhone outright from JB/similar retailer? Were you able to haggle it down much?


IIRC you can’t haggle apple products they set their prices very rigidly.


Cheers, I’ll walk in with as many jackets on as possible and try my best Dodoro impression.

Back to off-season sh-tposting


Your best chance of getting a discount on Apple products is buying a refurbished model


Word of advice… Don’t bother, they got no wriggle room. Only real opportunity is if they price match + offer discounts once price matching like Officeworks (think they price match and slap a 5% discount on top)


Or when ebay has a 10% off everything and a shop forgot to price jack.


The problem with the Apple prices is that morons continue to mindlessly pay them regardless of price creep. Half my friends have their contracts expire every 2 years and just happily trot in and claim their free phone… Like… Really?


A better you?

GET. ABSOLUTELY. ■■■■■■. YOU. ■■■■■.


Still haven’t seen a single good reason why anyone would want a smart watch.


I bought an iPhone X in June from JB, got about $120 off it, not sure how or why, possibly new model release which had just happened but I’m always of the belief that the answer to a question not asked is always no so go in & have a crack.


I just updated to the new IOS. I like the keyboard. In fact it seems a pretty good update all round so far on my 6s. What don’t you like about the keyboard?


The emoji key is to the left of the alpha-numeric key. I continually press the emoji one when I don’t want to. I’m sure there’s a way around it.


Me either.

I have a few watches, I quite like them, but I haven’t bought a smart watch. I’ve got a phone that does all that.


After 9 years and one month I have finally (and sadly) retired my iPhone 3GS. It gave great service and still did enough to make it useful, but the little fella was struggling towards the end. Too often I was getting no signal and it would vibrate all by itself (something to do with dust in the connector).

I was hoping Apple were going to update their iPhone SE or introduce a smaller sized phone as part of their latest releases. But no, and in fact they discontinued the iPhone SE. So a mad scramble ensued this week and I managed to find myself an iPhone SE. And I’m very pleased. Rapt in fact. It does all I need – email, phone, text, camera, browser and a few key apps and some I got back having the latest iOS. I have simple needs.

Who knew 4G could be so good and things can appear so quickly.

May it last me a good many years as the 3GS did.


Same. Just another ■■■■■■ screen to stare at. Sick of being in meetings and folks randomly staring at their wrists. Dude, just see the message/alert on your phone!


Seems to be a popular item amongst rope access jobs and climbers…