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I only use a Fitbit jobbie as a watch. I will be up in Melbourne next week for a new Apple Watch 4.

I believe it has an app on it that keeps a tally of all of you who can tongue my nuts.


AN you are trying to keep up with the kids. I, on the other hand, have accepted my descent into decrepit cynicism and old age.


It’s to remind him he in fact does have a heart… at times…


I thought it was to remind him he had nuts.


I tried wearing a Fitbit permanently but I found that the heat from the laser that tracks your pulse irritated me after a few days.


I thought it was to remind him that his nuts needed cleaning.


Designed to make your phone an even more intrusive presence.


JB HiFi are selling the new iPhone for around $1500 (“around” because price is negotiable). If you ask the salesperson, you’ll be offered a brand-new iPhone 6 for $499.

Is the new IPhone really worth three times the price of the 6 ?


Anyone end up getting one? verdict?


the only people i’ve seen genuinely enjoy/ use them are the people with the fitbit types.

tbh watches are more jewellery now so pick something that looks nice, and the smart watches generally look pretty bad.


Some companies have ‘preferred supplier’ arrangements. I got 5-10% off a MacBook Pro a while back.

Having said that, the shop attendant was more surprised than I was about the discount, but after some double checking with the manager. Done.

While we are on the ‘latest’ the MacBook Pro is due to be upgraded, but the current models are only decent with the ‘touch bar’, which in my opinion is a pos. So I guess we just don’t replace it.


My benefits / reasons for using apple watch -
Tracking runs / hikes - distance, route, heart rate, speed, etc.
Listen to music (while running) when paired with bluetooth headphones
Apple pay
Great for notifications at work - I’m not allowed to have phone calls or even phone vibrating at work, but a tap on the wrist is unobtrusive. Also great for silent alarms and reminders.
Controlling music - when phone is playing music the default watch screen has music controls on watch face
Handy when driving
Can answer / make phone calls
Fitness tools - motivation
Weather on watch face
Unlock mac computer


Got myself a new thin metal swatch on an os holiday recently, I really missed just looking at my wrist for the time rather than hauling my phone out of my pocket and possibly getting run over while I’m doing it (probably my issue that one). It’s likely a bit of nostalgia for a more analog time too. Pun intended.


anyone got an XR?

time for a new phone and can’t decide whether to go the XS or go with the “cheaper” option…


The xs is very good id get it if you will hold onto a phone for several years.


I went through the process recently. The major difference is the screen tech (oled (xs)) vs lcd (xr)). Unless you need or want oled - go with lcd.


Can’t make an XR comment but just replaced a 6 with an XS and the screen is soooooooo much more readable outside in the sun.


Will it improve your VFL reporting?


I got an XS too a fortnight ago. Love the FaceID although the screen did crack when I was setting it up.

I love the way everything synchronises…AirPods, XS iPhone, Apple Watch 4 and the watch even unlocks the iMac.


My reporting went waaaaaay down when I switched from the 4S to the 6 (bigger screen). My muscle memory never reset and I would continually hit the wrong letters.

Yet to see if it gets worse again.

Need to do auto-complete training: Dlarke Zedlarke Dlarke Zedlarke Dlarke Zedlarke…