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Yep. I like watches. I have 4. Not one smart watch though. My phone does all that stuff. My watch just sits on my arm as a piece of jewellery almost, tells the time, and looks good.


i also noticed that the XR didn’t go all the way to the edge which i wasn’t keen on.



this feature is good, however it also unlocks when mrs pre is using the laptop in my vicinity!


The last thing you need is Mrs _ele having access to your phone.


Upgraded to the 2018 12.9 iPad Pro 1T from last years 10.5 pro (which is an exceptionally good tablet that my youngest is now enjoying). The cost is outrageous (almost $3K) but I justified it as payment for the 6 months of weekend work I put into my partners house to ready for sale (actually, the agent initially said $580K would be the most we could hope for but it sold for $730K at auction so I’ve got no qualms about the cost).

It was a big call going to the larger screen but I’m super happy I did especially because I like to draw/paint (procreate :+1:). I also intend to use it as a work tool once Apple open up the software (iOS 13) to bring it more in line with mainstream laptops. Although the 12.9 Pro is heavier the slim line body / covers gives it a great feel. Oh, and watching video is much approved on the bigger screen too.


I’ve thought hard about the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement but can’t see it working. The main thing I would want it for us word processing and it’s not adequate for that. It uses a watered down iOS version instead of the full OS X version; and you can’t use a mouse or touchpad but only the touchscreen, which is hopeless when you’re primarily working on a keyboard. I’ve seriously considered the Surface Pro because it doesn’t have those problems; but it would take me back to the world of Windows, where I really don’t want to be. So for now I’m sticking with my six year old MacBook Air, which is still fine, apart from the screen, which is now not up to scratch.


I’ve got an XR at the moment, I had the choice between all 3 and used all 3 over a week when they came out and felt that the XR was the best compromise when it came to screen and form factor. It’s got a 6.1 inch display and I came from an 8 plus and it feels the same screen realestate wise (actually a little longer) but the form factor is smaller than the 8 plus, which is a plus. The XS and XR share the same processor so speed wise. I’m blind as so I didn’t really notice as massive difference is resolution either, I do miss force touch though but you get used to haptic touch pretty quickly.

Super happy with it really, I got it in project red and I have a black case on it so I have a red and black phone.



At last, somebody mentions a useful feature.


My wallpaper has donned the sash (and a black and red case).


Obviously depends on your use. I use a 12.9 with the pencil for design, video and audio editing and it’s superb, much better than I anticipated. The other side of things that doesn’t get discussed quite so much is I tend to work mobile then when I get home/office I use the iPad in conjunction with my desktop. For certain couplings of programs you can develop an exceptional workflow, and it’s up to you how you want it to work. Flying stuff back and forth between the two is actually a really cool and intuitive way to work and gives me ideas as well as not feeling stale at the same interface.

This ended up sounding like an ad, sorry. For my purposes I could begin and end on the iPad but I prefer to see it as an immensely powerful sketch pad. I could also do my tax spreads on it if I really had to.


Fair enough. Horses for courses. I don’t do any design or graphics at all, only text. I’m actually happiest at a desktop (currently my 9 year old iMac); but for portability and also internet browsing (and farting around on Blitz) and proper text capability my ideal would be the iPad Pro 12.9 running OS X, and with a better keyboard incorporating a trackpad and also the ability to sit the tablet in portrait orientation while I type. Alas, it doesn’t exist.


Actually very easy to Bluetooth a current Apple keyboard and trackpad to an iPad. The cost is obviously a factor but it’s probably not much more than the Smart Keyboard.


For that matter a two in one from a third party maker


This is real. I group-facetimed my mum and sister. My mum picked up on her iPad but there was another video stream pointing at the ceiling. We couldn’t figure out what it was till we realized that my mum’s iPhone had connected and started sharing video without her even knowing.


One of my work colleagues has an iPhone 6 which he dropped last night, and the screen is cracked at one end. Any recommendations on where around Melbourne he can get it fixed, and how much it will cost?


Too bad if she was canning you before she answered the phone and you could hear it all. “Oh ■■■■ what does this ■■■■ want?!”


Im sure this happened to me like a week ago.
my sister rang on facebook messenger, and she said she could hear me before I answered.


Advice from a mate

I still have a day job in IT so I am often involved in advise and remediation of security issues such as the latest Apple iOS issue, which impacts everyone,

Since this the news broke this morning Apple have now disabled some of the features on their end to reduce the possibility of someone exploiting this, but if you are still a little nervous follow the steps below to disable:


  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Scroll down and select FaceTime
  3. Toggle off the green button at the top of the screen.

To turn it off on a Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open the FaceTime app
  2. Go to FaceTime on top of the screen
  3. Select “Turn FaceTime Off.”


Easily fixable on a 6.
I’ve done them myself (unless the back case is bent, in which case, good luck).

Should be ~ $100
It’s $250 from apple.

The newer (theoretically waterproof) ones have more seals, trickier.


where does he buy the screen from?