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12 mini is my favourite phone I’ve ever owned. Size is perfect. I’ve just ordered the 15 Pro. I’ll let you know how the transition is.


“This change will stop e-waste”


Hoping to keep my 13 mini for at least the next 4 years. Probably should look for a spare now. Perfect phone, ipads aren’t for pockets.


At least my (unfortunately mistaken) assertions about the iPhone 14 Pro using USB-C rather than Lightning connectors will soon bear fruit.

Good thing they’ve taking my advice.


iOS 17 is out.

Ive had the beta for a while and its a good upgrade. Some neat things to explore.

iPhone 15 looks like going off the charts judging by the amount of stock being released. Levels not seen for some time

Got to say I was a little underwhelmed at the 15/15 Pro Max release. Was expecting something a little different this time.

I bought the 14 Pro Max around this time last year… so will hold off until 16 comes out in 2024.

I’ve seen Youtubes on it, particularly the improvements to CarPlay, and I’m sorry, but if extra wallpapers are worth putting at #1 of the improvements, then wake up to yourselves, Youtubers.

It’s like a barista doing a magnificent bit of artistry on your latte, and you drink it and it’s made with instant coffee and powdered milk. It’s style over substance, and I don’t give a fat rat’s clacker about wallpapers.

And @Donslaught9, I’ll be holding off too. I didn’t buy the Max, but rather just the 14 Pro.

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The evens have been better

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6+ week wait to get the Natural Titanium Pro Max…