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12 mini is my favourite phone I’ve ever owned. Size is perfect. I’ve just ordered the 15 Pro. I’ll let you know how the transition is.


“This change will stop e-waste”


Hoping to keep my 13 mini for at least the next 4 years. Probably should look for a spare now. Perfect phone, ipads aren’t for pockets.


At least my (unfortunately mistaken) assertions about the iPhone 14 Pro using USB-C rather than Lightning connectors will soon bear fruit.

Good thing they’ve taking my advice.


iOS 17 is out.

Ive had the beta for a while and its a good upgrade. Some neat things to explore.

iPhone 15 looks like going off the charts judging by the amount of stock being released. Levels not seen for some time

Got to say I was a little underwhelmed at the 15/15 Pro Max release. Was expecting something a little different this time.

I bought the 14 Pro Max around this time last year… so will hold off until 16 comes out in 2024.

I’ve seen Youtubes on it, particularly the improvements to CarPlay, and I’m sorry, but if extra wallpapers are worth putting at #1 of the improvements, then wake up to yourselves, Youtubers.

It’s like a barista doing a magnificent bit of artistry on your latte, and you drink it and it’s made with instant coffee and powdered milk. It’s style over substance, and I don’t give a fat rat’s clacker about wallpapers.

And @Donslaught9, I’ll be holding off too. I didn’t buy the Max, but rather just the 14 Pro.

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The evens have been better

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6+ week wait to get the Natural Titanium Pro Max…

“Open core patcher” for Macs is a nice development.

Running latest Mac OSX on a 2011 Mini.

Goes well and all apps now working that Apple made un-installable on such an old Mac.

If you were offered $10,000 if you would never buy an apple product again?
  • take $10,000
  • Keep buying apple products

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It depends on the product, of course.

For a gaming computer, you can’t beat the ability to custom build a PC, and have the option to upgrade components, particularly graphics cards, over time. Not to mention, many more games run on PCs than Macs.

Laptops, if you want cheap, stick with Windows. Lenovo is very good, if you don’t mind that it may come with Chinese government spyware built in, which, let’s face it, most of us won’t be affected by in any huge way.

If you want quality in a laptop, features vs price, the very few Windows laptops that actually compete with Macs for top end features cost quite a bit more. Apple’s M1 & M2 CPU/GPU chips are simply unbeatable for both raw processing power and super low energy use. I also happen to like the fact that the OS is far, far more resistant to malware, and as a work tool, I never have to work on my work tool, unlike Windows PCs, that I frequently have to tweak/fix/rebuild. I haven’t had to reinstall my own MacBook in some 15 years. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Windows. Without all it’s issues, I wouldn’t have a job.

Laptops with top end, discrete graphics cards can play games at higher frame rates than MacBooks, but I’d argue I don’t need a portable computer for high end gaming. My PC (or gaming console) does that job just fine.

For phones, I quite like Android, but because I would never switch from Apple laptops, I’m pretty much stuck with their phones, which are perfectly good, if a little expensive. They integrate too well. I think vanilla Android is far better than Android with company apps added, like Samsung and others do. Often their hardware is awesome, but their apps slow everything down. I’d either install vanilla Android, or just stick with the Google Pixel.

Watches. There is a lot of criticism of Apple Watch. Many alternative watches have more features, battery life, etc, better price. I’m stuck with Apple, to match the phone, that I’m also stuck with because the laptops are so good. Having said that, I think a lot of alternative watch makers have gone in a completely different direction to Apple with watches. From day one, the purpose of the Apple Watch was to reduce the number of times you need to reach for the phone in a day. By default, emails don’t send a notification, and when text messages come in, you raise your wrist, glance at the message. If it’s unimportant, or it can wait, you drop your wrist, the notification disappears, and you don’t need to address it again. Many other watches nag you with every bit of information, and cause you to pull your phone out more often.

A year ago, I upgraded a MacBook that was 11 years old, is still as fast as most current, base model Windows laptops, has never had a battery replacement, and still runs for a couple of hours. I also recently upgraded a phone and watch that were 6 years old. The watch is still perfectly good. The phone was getting slow, and hot, and needed a battery replacement a year ago. All up, I’d say they have all been excellent value for money, despite the initial price.


we just have apple Phones, ipads, apple tv.
wife has Macbook, I have a lenovo laptop, but rarely use it these days.
gaming - im still using ninendo wii mainly with 10 year old, also have xbox (original), Nintendo entertainment system (original) & Xbox One.
Kids are pretty happy with games on ipads, but ten year old has a nintendo switch as well.

I’d take the money, based on how I only update stuff every 5-10 years (iPhone, iMac, MacBook). But it’d be a pain removing myself from the Apple universe.

Back to the 15 Pro Max… the thing that stands out the most is its weight, i.e. lighter than the 12 Pro Max! Feels great in the hand unlike the weighty, unbalanced and sometimes uncomfortable 14 Pro Max. Love the natural titanium look, making it futuristic and solid. With the A17Pro chip operations are lightening fast. And the camera… a step up in picture quality and zoom functionality. Images captured at distance are impressive.

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I canceled my 15 Pro Max order after hearing of the over-heating issues. Might have overreacted.

You would have to pay me much more than $10k to switch to using a PC.


I still have my mini. I was really disappointed they didn’t continue it. So what I’m going to do is take it back to Apple when the battery starts to wane and get a new battery. It will basically be like a new phone.

They do that? Thats cool.