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Alien has a lot of death scenes in it that have aged very poorly. Some are borderline comical.

Still a good movie but Aliens is better, especially the extended edition (which is improved over the theatrical).

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James Cameron just does it better.

I will watch Aliens anytime it’s on.

Alien is still a good watch though.

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He’s the GOAT when it comes to the technical aspects of film and technology in cinema.

Every single one of his movies has aged significantly better than the overwhelming majority of movies. (obviously excluding his debut piranha thing).

Terminator 2 came out in 1991. It’s ridiculous


Everything Everywhere All At Once - I had similar issues with this as I did with Swiss Army Man - admired its ambition and its willingness to embrace lunacy more than I did watching it. Both are successful messes on their own terms. They do get really good performances out of their actors though, and its great to see Ke Huy Quan acting again. Curious to see what they direct next.


I still reference Titanic when it comes to the mastery of James Cameron’s production.

25 odd years old. If you told me it was released yesterday, I’d believe you. All the CGI and technology in the world can’t beat making a massive reproduction of the actual ship itself, legitimately sinking it, and filming it.

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They were both difficult to watch.

The sinking of the Titanic in the movie, l am told coincided with how long the original took to sink.

On Terminator, l saw the original in a cinema in the city with a mate l was teaching with. Neither of us knew what to expect and both of us came out a little shocked. Him probably more than me, as he refused to accept that it was science fiction. We didn’t find any of the deaths comical.

Quentin Tarantino is pretty good at those aspects as well. There’s a scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood where the camera tracks a guy on horseback cantering quite a long distance back to confront Brad Pitt that’s technically very difficult and done brilliantly without any show or flourish at all. Cameron is much better at getting the pace and structure of the whole movie right though.

That was just hamming. No acting required. Just get carte blanche to swear your head off. I could do that.

And getting an Oscar is based on what do you think exactly


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Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Wizard! YOU SHALL NOT PASS! cut Sir Ian, Sir Ian, Sir Ian…


Don’t bother with the new Mel Gibson movie called On The Line. It’s absolute rubbish, you’ve been warned


Horror movie ‘Smile’ is genuinely creepy.
IMO, incredible performance from lead actress Sosie Bacon (daughter of Kevin).

Melbourne born actress Caitlin Stasey (on the movie cover) absolutely nailed her brief appearance.


watched the national lampoons holiday movie (wallys world) - recreation with Rusty as the dad.
was kind of funny, but not as good as the original. Decent try though.

I would have gone like cobrai kai though, get all the original cast members back.
not just the parents. nice seeing a cameo from chevy chase though.

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Chris Hemsworth was a cracker in that film :rofl:

I agree not as good as the orignial but did get some laughs out of it. yeah Cobra Kai should be the template that movie studios should follow when they want to make a reboot or sequel to an old franchise.

Bill and Ted Face The Music was one movie that did a great job.

This movie was considered a flop, but I genuinely thought it was hilarious in parts. Very slapstick, but I mean, so were the originals.

The Korean car bit was phenomenal


yep i had to google the tartan prancer.

Just finished watching Poker Face (Russell Crowe’s new movie on Stan).

Also has Liam Hemsworth with a cameo role from Jack Thompson.

I enjoyed it…goes for about 90 minutes, has suspense, seems well shot, plausible storyline…would watch it again some day.

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Watched Unhinged on telly last night.
I had a few issues with it, but Crowe was very good.
I’d heard it was a bad film, and I kind of get that, but there’s no denying it was engaging.