At the movies - From the couch

The whole thought crime thing - the most interesting aspect of the story - gets a little lost under the action and melodrama.
A social critique reframed as sci-fi thriller.
I Like the movie, though; have softened to Tom Cruise over the years.

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I watched Top Gun: Maverick at home. I loved it, but kept thinking wished I seen it at the cinema/big screen.


At least at home you’re not forced into contact with ‘the great unwashed’. Mindlessly chomping and slurping like animals at the trough. :nauseated_face:
Kidding… sort of

The hangover of the Hayes Code and the Hollywood post WW2 portrayal of the middle class suburban woman behind the white picket fence (Rosie the Riveter puts on her apron and goes back to the kitchen).
Ida Lupino films subtly challenged those images of living in the USA and blurred the standard roles of goodies and baddies,

I have seen Ben Hur and Lawrence of Arabia many times. These films were made with the BIG screen in mind and that is always the best way to see them. They are not the only films made that way. Epics deserve the big screen. When TVs get to the size of a wall, then they can compete with the cinema experience. TVs are getting closer, but still have a way to go to match the sight and sound quality of a cinema.

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I watched and enjoyed AIR (Nike/MJ story).

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Where a huge or wide landscape and their colours take up so much of the story, they are lost on the small screen - Lawrence of Arabia, Dr Zhivago, Rabbit Proof Fence.
Then, with some of the action films like Indiana Jones, there’s nothing like being in a cinema with the audience reactions to the thrills and spills.

65” screens overcome a few of those issues.

I think it might be the Roger Moore 007, could be wrong with old age, and the start before the title comes on is a chase on snowskis. When all is doom, Bond leaps of a cliff and dah, dah. A union jack parachute opens. Whole cinema went berserk just like bombers beating tigers by one point :smile: :smile:. Don’t get that on your sofa.

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Me too. Jordan’s mum was a boss.

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How to Blow Up a Pipeline.

By far and away the most thrilling film about eco-terrorism i’ve seen and refreshingly has no moral judgment about the actions of the characters other than depicting their individual motivations. Kind of amazed this even got green lit. The only movie I can think to compare it to is Night Moves.

Watching the new White Men Can’t Jump. Talk about an unnecessary remake.

been watching Mr Inbetween short clips so gave the original movie a go.

“The magician” 2005

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Any good?

not bad, a little like chopper.

directed by one of the Hemsworths.

Spider-Man across the multiverse is absolutely fantastic. Couple of very funny moments, good emotion, some absolutely amazing action scenes.

I had no idea this was only part 1, I was shocked when it said to be continued haha

Is this the animated one? That first movie blew every other superhero movie let alone Marvel spiderman iteration out of the park. If the reviews are strong ill try and see it in cinemas.

Barton Fink
O bother where art thou
No country for Old men


A few more I would add

Star Wars
Jurrasic Park
Terminator 2
Black Hawk Down
War Horse

Home Alone was one of the 1st movies I saw whereby the cinema was so packed full of people, we had to sit on the floor to watch.

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End Game is a decent film at home, but watching it in a crowded theatre with everyone around you reacting to ten years worth of pay offs was pretty remarkable.