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Great twist

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The story of two men and their journey to starring in TV commercials for coffee machines.

The First Omen was unexpectedly not terrible. From a purely filmic pov it’s a good looking movie, they strove to place it in the era and give it a 35mm look, and 70’s Rome was beautiful and dirty. Nell Tiger Free is magnetic and well suited having played a similar role in Servant, and the score is all the sort of silliness you’d want. As far as these sorts of things go it was a pretty well done prequel to the movies about Barron Trump made all that time ago.

Looks ok, probably just 90 minutes of Easter eggs

the trailer highlights some of the iconic sounds in the Alien franchise that make it worth seeing on the big screen

Sternum cracking open.
Pulse rifle.
Motion detector.

Looks like more of the same, but I guess that’s to be expected. I don’t know who the actors are but they look very young and without a lot of charisma.

Glen Powell to star in everyhting.

Looks great. Might go and see it

Saw it last night. I enjoyed it for what it was.
Really only recognised Hemsworth by his arms :wink:. Pretty good acting, plenty of action and continued the style of movie the Mad Max series became famous for.


I just finished watching Robert Altman’s The Player. TIm Robbins, Greta Scacchi and heaps of others. I’ve been a fan of Altman’s since the 70s, and The Player is up there in his top 3, IMO. Fantastic story, great performances, brilliantly shot. It’s on SBS on Demand atm, so you have to put up with ads, but thankfully there aren’t too many of them.

Very strongly recommended for those who think there’s more to movies than superheroes and special effects.


I watched this last night and wanted to like it.

Thought it was really limp and not sure what I’m missing.

I’d read the book so maybe that wrecked it for me.

I thought the book was ordinary, so not surprising.

I agree. I couldn’t believe how lame it was. Right from the first scene it was a clunker. I kept waiting for it to get into gear, but a clunker it remained to the bitter end.

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Greater movie about Brandon Bulsworth . good watch if you dont mind college football movies.

So I’ve just finished watching the 2024 version of Road House and must say that I enjoyed it as a good little action movie that required minimal use of the brain.

And I learned that there are crocodiles in Florida…I always thought that there were only alligators there.

Only live in saltwater, so your swimming pool is safe, alligators on the other hand …

It’s the estuarine waters that worry me. So tempting to take a dip in the estuarine at Bowen, the Coral Sea beaches have those bad stingers, then see the big warning signs, croc alert!

Where my Daughter-in-Law and our grandkids now live in Yirrkala, the beaches are beautiful and all signs are just ignored
Crocs and stingers

Watched the kids swim amongst sharks and crocs.

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Watching Mars Attacks for the first time.

It’s so ridiculous yet I can’t look away.


Watched Apocolypse Now again.

I think it’s a great movie, though the final scenes from the bridge onwards get a bit OTT. There’s probably some gaping plot holes, but IDC

I have 20minutes left, and for the life of me, can’t recall what happens. So have to watch it tomorrow.