At the movies


The Crowe/Pacino film.

First time I have watched it for a while. It has held up very well.


Thor’s amazing.


l bought and watched all of these while l was in China. All top movies, l ended up giving away copies of a couple of them to friends to watch. They are all top notch movies.


Just learned it’s a local friend’s birthday tomorrow, so we are off to see Thor. My favourite super hero back in my college days. l still have a collection of Thor comics stored somewhere back home.


I think you’ll like it. I took my son on the weekend and we both really enjoyed it. Not as funny in my opinion as GOTGv2 but still very funny.


Good call. Unbelievably underrated movie. Pacino is fantastic, but Crowe is next level good. Easily his best acting performance.


Christopher Plummer was phenomenal also. Just an outstanding movie.

Mann’s style is usually more conducive to action/thriller films but it works really well with this investigative/dramatic themed movie.


I know a lot of people consider Manhunter a hidden gem, but my memory of it is that has some of the most wooden, cliched, Chief: ‘The DA is gonna have my nuts for this, McBain!’ acting I have ever, ever seen.


When compared to Silence it will always suffer, but judged as a standalone film it has a lot of great qualities.

Tom Noonans performance was downright creepy and although Brian Cox’s portrayal of Lecter could never be compared to Hopkins it was still a solid performance.

Mann has a very unique approach to films and I though he made this stark and cold which gives it an intense feeling.

The soundtrack/score has aged horribly though.


Count me as one of them. William Peterson, Tom Noonan, Brian Cox and Stephen Lang, were excellent throughout. The pacing was atmospheric and menacing, just as you would want it to be.


Saw BR 2049 yesterday in spite of poor review on the wireless.
Enjoyed it. Noisy and some scenes too long but enjoyed it (as did the missus).
It works as a sequel albeit a little late!
Will check out Three Billboards, looks interesting.


To each their own, I guess.


Haven’t heard laughs in a cinema like thor ragnarok ever.


Wanted so much to like Bany Driver.

Thought it was half good, then just descended into shoot outs, explosions and the like. Seems Hollywood just blows its wad over guns and explosions


I think Hollywood is about to blow its wad over Hollywood blowing its wad when it shouldn’t have been!


Just back from Thor, Armageddon, seven of us went, and the universal rating was; excellent. Lots of genuine laughs, my wife got most of the jokes and loved it. The humour is one of the main things that sets Marvel apart from DC. Plenty of tie-ins to other characters / themes in the MCU, Looks like a love interest forming. I like where l think this one is heading in the near future / next instalment. Kate Blanchett was one of the more memorable villains, for a few different reasons.


I also saw Thor last night. Loved it. Chris Hemsworth has brilliant timing for comedy. I know some don’t like the Marvel Cinematic Universe/comic movie genre, but I reckon they are yet to produce a stinker. Some have been a bit" meh", but none have sucked as hard as pretty much all the DC movies thus far (granted Wonder Woman was better than the others).

The Kiwi actor who did the voice for the big rock guy was hilarious. I know the voice but can’t place what other movies/shows he’s been in.



He’s actually the director of the film. He has cast himself in his other movies.


As Vanders said he is the director and according to IMDB; Taika Waititi based Korg’s character on Polynesian bouncers: “We wanted to change the idea of what a hulking guy made of rocks could be. He’s huge and heavy, but with a light soul, and he’s funny and friendly.”