At the movies


Stayed home last night and was in the mood for a movie.
Had never seen Almost Famous before and decided to watch it on one of the sbs channels.

Loved it and can’t believe I had never seen it before.
Think Kate Hudson is a babe but she is always in terrible movies.
Not this one and obviously this was one earlier in her career.


Thor Ragnarok - was a blast. Very funny, and I like that Marvel is embracing the whole comic/comic concept.
By far the best Thor movie, and one of the better Marvels.



Love the kiwi accent of the rock


haha yeah - ‘Korg’ I think his name is?
I also like the ‘melting stick’ hahahahaha


Finally got around to watching Hacksaw Ridge last night.

Really liked it.



But can you tell me why the Japanese didn’t just go over to the edge and remove the ladder at some point, or at least set up along the ridge and shoot down at the americans?


Wasn’t in the script.


Saw Final Portrait last night. Directed by Stanley Tucci and starring Geoffrey Rush as Alberto Giacometti, a painter whom I had barely heard of and knew nothing about. Having watched the film I don’t know much more than I did, and I have no desire to learn more. What I do know is that he smoked continuously, drank too much, and was prone to fits of self doubt.

This was one of those films where an actor, in this case Rush, has a fine old time looking strange and behaving erratically and generally making a spectacle of himself, and gets at least a nomination and possibly the Oscar for best actor.

The film was just boring. I guess it was supposed to be an observation of the artistic process, and maybe it was that, but it was also squirm-in-the-seat boring.


I had a recommendation from SBS to watch Wings of Desire, a Wim Wenders film set in West Berlin filmed in 1987, but judging by the amount of empty sites I would have said 1970’s because West Berlin was always prosperous whereas East Berlin was grey and boring.

This is about 2 angels who look down on humanity and muse on humanity’s foibles and failing, until one, played by Bruno Ganz falls in love with a trapeze artiste with a magnificent mane of hair.

Also stars Peter Falk who’s come to Berlin to make a movie set during WW2, and who has an extremely interesting past…of course, everyone recognises him as Columbo.

David and Margaret raved about this…it’s largely in black and white, but I’m afraid I find German films to be a touch lugubrious. It’s not that easy to follow. They don’t have the joie de vivre that the French and Spanish can produce, although of course, they both do some pretty noir stuff.

You’ll all know Bruno Ganz from his many starring roles…as the Gold Coast president raging about why GC didn’t pick up Dyson Heppel, as Andrew Demetriou raging about the saga.

In reality, he played Hitler in The Downfall.


Surely a gag?


Dude, you can like whatever movies you like, but you are so incorrect so Spider-Man it’s not funny.

Liz Allen was in the comic before Mary Jane was, his first girl friend was actually Betty brant, before Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker was conceived and written as a 15 year old kid and has always been written as younger to established marvel heroes, his whole premise is nothing goes right for him, it referred to as the “old Parker luck”.

I believe Tobey was the best Spidey, however Tom Holland is the closest to real age they have ever got and they clearly made the decision to not repeat characters and villains that have been rebooted twice in 10 years, hence no uncle Ben, jjj, etc.


No, that was “The Informant”. Very different, but still a very good movie. Matt Damon.


Remade in 1998 as City of Angels with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. Only so - so.


Well, there’s a reason not to watch it - Nicholas Cage.


Nicholas cage is awesone. Been involved in 3 of my favourite actions films. The Rock, Con Air and Face Off

Snake eyes is pretty good too

Always enjoyed the national treasure movies too

Though lately he has been involved in a lot of rubbish


You’re serious, aren’t you? In anything resembling a person with human feelings, he sucks big time.

But then, those three films don’t require that.

We have markedly different tastes. I just reckon he’s lucky he’s got some very famous relatives in the industry.


I reckon Lord of War is the best Nic Cage film in the last 20 years. Probably helps when you have other decent actors holding you up. Everything else he has done has been pure trash and to help pay the bills.


I always find nyself watching this on fta tv when it’s on. Love the confrontation at the end of the movie where he says “Aint know we Kevin. You got snake eyes”.


Raising Arizona, then daylight

He can act believe it or not, but Leaving Las Vegas was one depressing film


very serious. If he is given good material to work with his can produce good performances.

I would class him as one of the best actors of his time or anything like that, but i think he is a very good actor

Who are his famous relatives in the industry? is he related to coppola?