At the movies




Coen Brothers can turn excrement into raspberry jam…and, based on the Llewen Davis borefest I saw recently, vice versa.




He was also decent in Wild at Heart.

Agree about Llewyn Davis, boring as watching paint dry.


R u ok?


havent seen that film…sci fi?


nice password.


Watched the excellent Wind River.

A murder mystery set in Wyoming, starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.

It’s the same writer as Sicario and Hell or High water but here he also Directs.

It’s slow paced, but not boring, and has stunning cinematography.

Well worth watching.


So clever!!




No mention of Moonstruck (good movie). re Nicholas Cage. First movie I saw him in, he was very good in that role.

While I like him, can’t say the same re some other movies he has been in.


This is the general gibberish forum, after all.


I can’t watch Nicholas Cage. I’ve tried several of his movies and whenever he’s on screen I want to get up and leave.


I can’t watch Nicholas Cage either. The amount of rubbish he has put out over the last 15 years makes me question whether his good films were just a fluke.

He and Johnny Depp have never evolved as actors and continue to play the same quirky characters.


OK so I finally made it to Blade Runner. It’s good. It threatens to be an all time classic, but it doesn’t quite get there IMO. Still very good though.




It’ll be cult at best.


Booo? So anything other than “best movie ever” is a booo? I thought it was very good. It was clearly the best movie I have seen in a cinema this year.

(Note - I have two very young children, Blade Runner is the first movie I have seen in a cinema this year)


That is how the original Blade Runner started out, as a cult favourite, then it just grew from there.


Yes, but the original was a good movie.