At the movies


Probably my top Christmas (action) movie too.

I also like Assault on Precinct 13 as a NYE/festive season flick.

Both these movies are predominately played out over one night where it aint very festive for those involved :grinning:


I watched Life a couple of nights ago. Golly jeepers it was bad.

I get that people have to have a serious case of stupid to make thriller/monster movies work but come on. “We’re all highly trained scientists/astronauts but sure let’s have screaming matches about whether or not to follow safety protocol and then not follow safety protocol.” FMD what a waste of an hour and a half.

It’s what I liked about Sunshine. Sure some people did stupid things to keep the movie going along but they generally kept their cool and played the situation smart enough and just ■■■■ things continued to happen that were generally out of their control until there was no one left.


Denis Villeneuve is probably the most visual Director getting around at the moment. I think he has the makings of being up there with Kubrick(big call I know).

Arrival, Prisoners and Incendies are out and out classics.

I’m yet to see Blade Runner but I’m sure it wont disappoint.


Sicario > Bladerunner


Sicario is a very good film.


Brigsby Bear anyone? Awesome. So fresh and original.


Lethal weapon is probably my favourite Christmas movie, die hard is just behind


Bad Santa would be up there as my fave Christmas movie.
Also my favourite of The N/Lampoons is the Christmas one.
Randy Quaid is hilarious in that movie.


I fell asleep watching Sicario and want to watch it again now I’m such a Dennis Villeniueve super fan.


Incendies is well worth tracking down also.

Probably his best film.


Chevy chase: my brother in law who’s heart is bigger than his brain
Randy quad: aww I appreciate that Clarke


Mel Gibson is in a family comedy? Yikes. Can’t wait for Spacey to show up in a disney movie in ten years time .


The French-Canadian accents were too off-putting for me :laughing:


It could have been a silent film and I would still have been blown away.

The imagery was incredible and I have never been so devastated by a story in my life.

He’s a master.


My fav Cage movie is this…



Definitely my favourite Christmas movie.

Love the part where Randy Qauid is telling Chevy Chase how things are tight this year for Christmas and he won’t be able to afford anything for the kids, all the while whilst he filling a big trolley with bag after bag of dog food. Always cracks me up.


The blacklisting of Chevy Chase is one of the worlds greatest travesties.


or when he is emptying his sewage into the street gutter

or “save the neck for me clarke”


Allegedly one of the most difficult people in the world to work with.


The Villainess, an entertaining korean action movie.