At the movies


Like Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction. He doesn’t know he is a character in a novel at first, but gradually comes to realize.


Really enjoyed that. Dustin Hoffman played a good part in it as well.


Cannot wait.


Fuuuck just gonna watch sicario tonight.


I watched American History X today, Ed Norton was great as always, so was the young guy who played his brother.


Edward Furlong (Terminator 2)
Really promising young actor who was derailed by alcohol and drug addiction.
Think he may have served some jail time also.


Watched Bright on Netflix last night. Absolute rubbish. I love a ■■■■ movie, but this had no redeeming qualities at all. ‘From the makers of Suicide Squad’ should have been warning enough. ■■■■■■■ hell.


Lol I’m half way through it atm


Getting absolutely shitcanned in the press.
‘With all the production values of a Charmed episode…’, I thought was particularly harsh.


When the script for Bright sold for $3m, it was a big deal.

Interesting to hear that the end product isn’t good.

Wonder whether that is the fault of the script, or what they did with it (considering the above comments regarding low production values).


Finally got around to watching Dunkirk and I must say I was underwhelmed.

Nolan makes beautiful movies with great action and sound production.

He’s succeeded again here but the film lacks emotion and doesn’t truly express the scale of the battle.

Nolan has drunk his own bath water on this one I feel.


Bright sounds like the worst possible movie I’ve heard I reckon. An Orc police officer in modern day world with elves, goblins etc? Da Fuq…




I followed it with a atomic blonde



looks good! whens it coming out?


I swear it’s a form of hypnosis


I would watch the hell out of that movie.


wanted her head caved in by the end of the movie.


Nothing redeeming about Dolores Umbridge.