At the movies


When are the Japanese gonna come to the party? Gigantor, Prince Planet, Marine Boy … I’d go and see all of those.


Unpopular opinion: I liked Toby Maguire as Spiderman.


I love that movie.


Isn’t Marine Boy just Astro Boy underwater?
Do they even change the character?


Hottest cartoon mermaid ever …



I really enjoyed Secretariat as well.


Haven’t seen that one, will have to hunt it down.


Not unpopular for mine. He was easily the best Spider-Man in the best Spider-Man movies.


Pfft, Marine Boy was bullet proof and had propellers in his shoes. Not to mention oxogum and an underwater boomerang. Not even @DJR can do that.


I thought he was always considered the best.

The Sam Raimi Spider-Man’s are clearly the best.


Agreed, I always thought Alyssa Milano’s production values were to notch.


Looks good:


Churchill movie is good. Really good. Oldman an absolute solid gold lock for the oscar.


I enjoyed it. I reckon Colin Firth would have enjoyed doing it.

I’m currently watching his Pride and Prejudice serial from 1995. So many insufferable people, but Firth and Ehle are utterly superb.



I’d have Gattaca in the top 5. I’ve not seen Children of Men, I really have to.

I’m excluding Science Fiction movies that are set with futuristic elements, but are at their heart action movies. So Alien, Aliens, Predator, Terminator II, Empire Strikes Back, Wrath of Khan, etc. A few action movies, such as Edge of Tomorrow, Robocop, Total Recall, The Matrix would still qualify as having serious science fiction concepts as a core element, but sit outside the top 5 for mine.

Watchman had good elements, but the directing and editing was awful. Kept too true to the graphic novel, stuff stayed in that should have been cut.


I’m a big fan of Looper.

The first time I watched it I sort of shrugged my shoulders and didn’t get what the fuss was about.

I watched it again recently and had a far greater appreciation for it.

I think that the first Alien qualifies as Sci-fi.

Predestination is another one that I would have liked to squeeze in.

You need to see Children of Men. Not only one of the better science fictions films, but one of the best films in general from the last 20 years.


Is anyone planning on watching this ?
It looks positively sh*tfull !


Terrible song.
Looks like they’ve got a caper but forget to be cool.
I don’t have an issue with the concept, though.
Hope the movie is better than the trailer.


For mine trailers have been better than movies most of the time the last few years.

Except atomic blonde, however one scene is better in the trailer than in the movie.


I’d rather drink a bucket of warm bile.